Guerrilla Living Syndrome: A Social Micro-Practice of Alternative Living

forget art is a loose artist collective, based in Beijing, and initiated in 2009 by Chinese artist Ma Yongfeng. They focus on intervention-based work, often with a touch of the absurd, promoting small-scale, subtle disturbances in the fabric of society, which they describe as their "social micro-practice." As they work by and large outside of recognised gallery spaces, the creation and value of social space has become an important material for forget art. This keys into the long history of... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 5/29/11

Vienna Art Fair with Olga Stefan

Although in its press release it boasts 'success in its chosen path', the feeling on the ground was much more sceptical.    Many galleries at the VIENNAFAIR were restless and unconvinced.  Some even said they were not going to come again.   And yet this year the VIENNAFAIR, which has as its focus the galleries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with the support of Erste Bank, hosted more galleries than in its previous six years, especially more from its focus region.  This year Erste Bank... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 5/20/11

From AMS: Nicola Bozzi at Art Amsterdam 2011

(Image: Kees Visser, , Galerie Poggi en Bertoux associes, Paris) To visit an art fair is a bit like entering the Internet: you are overwhelmed with information until your brain is numb, but at the end you come out with an overall idea of what's cool right now. And, like the Internet, art fairs mirror a mix of global and local trends – be they evergreens, transitory fads, or niche heroes. Given the parceled out uniformity of the pavilion space, similar aesthetics may cluster together, forming... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 5/16/11

From NY: Sophia Powers and Kind of Blue

  As a museum intern, I was recently privy to an extended meeting between the curatorial and design staff concerning the selection of a color scheme for the wall labels of our upcoming show. We met in a corner office around a big table strewn with paint sample binders.  The conversation began simply. “What are you thinking of?” the head of the design team asked. “Blue—I feel blue,” the head of the curatorial team replied.  “Can you show me your blues?” “Of course.”  We look at blues.... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 5/10/11

From CHI - Abraham Ritchie Low Tide at Art Chicago

      If it is true that a rising tide raises all ships, then Art Chicago proved this year that lowered admission standards diminishes all the art on view. Everywhere glossy and slick surfaces abounded, indicating just how shallow the “return to beauty” has turned out to be. As Joel Kuennen writes this week on ArtSlant: Chicago, nostalgia was exploited as repackaged in pure commodity to entice prospective buyers. Similarly there was a surfeit of photorealist paintings and still lifes... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 5/3/11