Parallel & Simultaneous: Finley Gallery

After years of casual and abortive on-and-off thinking with colleagues about the possibility of starting a (non-commercial) gallery or some kind of project space, we finally found a form that makes sense to us and feels productive—even new. This is to announce the inauguration of Finley Gallery. The idea for Finley Gallery came out of the private act of borrowing a painting from an artist friend for a couple months with the excuse of investigating daily art viewing as an art writing... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 7/31/11

The Journey West Travel Office

As an agent of Spectacle, tourism fulfills manufactured desires, and you can’t get more manufactured — or at least programmed — than guided tours. Tailor-made to your requirements? Maybe so, but within your tightly regimented schedule (value-for-money!) you’ll see only what you want to see. But maybe those restrictions can be put to use to provide a frame within which to re-view our understanding of the sites that we visit, through a critical engagement with the processes and assumptions of... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 7/24/11

“Happy Fashion”: The Four-Day Hustle to Legitimize Berlin’s Growing Fashion Scene

In the European capital, popularly imagined as the Mecca for counter and sub-culture devotees and long-known to take little seriously, it was hard to imagine what permutation Mercedes Benz’s Berlin Fashion Week would take. While Mercedes’ Fashion Week in Berlin is not new, it seemed this year there was a much bigger commitment to adding that superficial glitz that brings in the fashion jet-set accustomed to endless drinks, splashy parties, and lots of opportunities to be photographed.... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 7/16/11

Trapped in the Gallery: a tale of elephants and toilets

There are episodes in your life when you feel the irony is so palpable it's scary. The last time it happened to me I was at a gallery show in Bremen, more precisely at GAK (Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst). The show was enigmatically titled White Elephant, and obviously I say “enigmatically” because there were no elephants around. Title aside, Christian Haake's exhibition was about the construction of memory as a space, and I will sure remember that space for a long time. First of all, I... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 7/11/11