Kirsten Bengtson-Lykoudis: Staten Island Artscape

      Although it’s one of New York’s city boroughs, Staten Island remains a mystery to many visitors and city residents alike. A former beach resort for the Vanderbilts and other wealthy families who built spacious 19th c. “cottages” or summered in its columned beachfront hotels, the island is a hilly tree-filled gem of unexpected cultural treasures. I moved to the island ten years ago to rendezvous with a towering sculptor and icon painter I’d met in Greece. After being shown a series... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 8/31/10

Frances Guerin: Photographic Memories of Istanbul

  Virtually impossible to find, but worth every minute of the search, and every bit of the associated frustration is the new Istanbul Hatirasi Fotograf Merkezi (Memoires of Photography Centre). The Centre was photographer Murat Pulat’s dream, and in its realization, it has all the elements of a dream come true. When I arrived to see the current exhibit of James Hughes’ The Lost Abodes of Exile, I was greeted with Turkish coffee and taken through the exhibit by Murat himself. The... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 8/23/10

Georgia Fee: Reading Then and Now

Is reading different online? Writing? Looking back from 100 years hence will They (sociologists, linguists, neuroscientists, whomever) note that the turning of the millennium marked the turning towards wordlessness as well? What with the texto and  internet shortie content, the chats and the walls, are we developing a new language of taps and cyber grunts and picto-clicks, a morph on cave-communication? Or perhaps we are on the cusp of another entity altogether, one in which the word will... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 8/17/10

Charlotte Jansen: Fun, Art, and Is It?

    This year, an interactive strand has been emphasised in London's end-of-the-year exhibitions, reflected on a larger scale by the summer’s blockbusters. From the Hayward’s current show, The Edges of The World, to The Surreal House at the Barbican, art galleries are turning themselves into theme parks for the holidays. Edward Fornieles and Samuel Williams have cottoned on with their three-storey installation, Paintingscultuptureland, a warped 'Disneyland' they've spent the last month... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 8/9/10

David Yu: Going Wicked in Hackney

  My friend described the Hackney Wicked Festival to me as if the apocalypse had just occurred and the only people left are artists, musicians and creatives.               The festival occupies several venues within Hackney Wick opening up artist’s studios, abandoned warehouses, galleries and alternative spaces to showcase art, performance, and music for one weekend only. Since Hackney Wick can be considered off  the beaten track, there was a real concentration of... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 8/2/10