GEOslant: Joel Kuennen on the Return of Anthony McCall

At the age of 20, I studied abroad for a year in Germany at Justus Liebig Universität. There, on a whim, I took a film studies seminar. The professor opened the course with a field trip to the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. The class of seven made the trip down, a short ride on the Deutsche Bahn, and met the professor at the door to the museum. MMK is a rather odd building. Designed by architect Hans Hollein, it is shaped like a piece of cake wedged next to the Römerberg.... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 4/22/12

GEOslant with Andrea Alessi: Eating Mussels in Brussels

  Francis Alÿs once did a walk from the Museum of Science and Industry to the Nordic Museum in Stockholm, mapping the journey with the unraveling thread of his blue sweater. The Belgian native is known for his “walks”, performative perambulations numbering too many to list here. They link sites separated by space and time; they chart national and political histories onto landscape; they open onto questions of surveillance and urban existence; and perhaps most importantly, they playfully... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 4/17/12

GEOslant with Edward Sanderson: Alessandro Rolandi’s Social Sensibility R&D Program in Beijing

When asked about her working environment, one worker said she would like to feel the sun on her skin for a while – a simple but poetic request, fulfilled by moving her workstation outside the factory for a short period. Another worker took the opportunity to make a fluid sculpture out of the big barrel of grease he was using, giving it the title: “A piece of shit.” These little gestures came about as part of Italian artist Alessandro Rolandi’s Social Sensibility R&D Program, instituted... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 4/13/12

GEOslant: Devon Caranicas on Buenos Aires Visual Arts

  As traditional South American modes of expression have fused with a strong lineage of European immigration, Buenos Aires has become the apex of chic. A unique street aesthetic, that predominates from cafes and clubs to boutiques and everyday dress, stands out among other capital cities for its eclectic edge and vibrancy. Strangely, the city's visual arts scene pales in comparison to its contemporaries of São Paulo, Berlin or Paris and only a handful of reputable galleries and small-scale... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 4/6/12