Wassail Weekend in Vermont

Originally published on my website on 1/1/2013 Main streets and back roads of Woodstock, Vermont “What’s a Wassail weekend,” my family asked? I had just announced that I had made plans to spend my birthday weekend in Woodstock, Vermont for the annual Wassail Weekend. Clearly my family did not share my unbridled enthusiasm for driving two hours to Vermont in December. I’d change that. “What’s Wassail Weekend?” Wassail Weekend is one of the top 10 holiday things to do, I practically shouted. “It will be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect gifts and mailing Christm... [more]
Posted by Cindy A Stephens on 1/1/13

The Cowboys of Wyoming

Originally published on my website on October 28, 2012. Does the word “cowboy” conjure up idealistic images of the American West, or a way of life that no longer exists? I had the privilege to see Wyoming unadorned - without sentimental stereotypes - through the reflections of a modern-day cowboy. In September I visited a working cattle ranch outside Jackson Hole that has been owned by the same family since the 1920s. This ranch has thousands of head of cattle and is a member of a natural beef program. The word “cowboy” now conjures hard-working, tech savvy and expressive men and women. Read... [more]
Posted by Cindy A Stephens on 1/1/13