Accepted as Artist in Residence at A.I.R. Vallauris

I am excited to have been accepted as an artist in residence at A.I.R. Vallauris. Please check out my project. I would really appreciate your support! [more]
Posted by Norlynne Coar on 7/27/14

Now and Then

While an artist's style is particularly important in the art world, an artist is bound to grow and change over the course of a lifetime, and the work should reflect that. The world changes, and we change; and like the ocean, lifeĀ  brings us periods of intense, often exciting and fulfilling activity and then quiet lulls in between. Like a surfer, we watch, we wait, and when the moment is right, we go. Sometimes it looks or feels like nothing is happening during the lulls, but there is a lot of... [more]
Posted by Norlynne Coar on 5/3/13


Ten years ago I began production on a series of instructional surfing films entitledĀ . The initial character development for the protagonist of the films (Surfer Joe) was a cartoon created in the style of traditional surfing cartoons and pop art of the late 60s and early 70s. Hanging ten, toes curled under under his board, and arms stretched overhead as he surfed down a curling wave, Surfer Joe appeared on business cards, pacakging and a limited edition t-shirt. The third and last film of the... [more]
Posted by Norlynne Coar on 2/18/13

Hi, my name is Norlynne Coar . . .

Short video describing my work and inspiration. Also posted on my biography page at [more]
Posted by Norlynne Coar on 12/18/12

Interview with Grace Cook-Anderson

Interview with Grace Kook-Anderson, juror of south Bay Focus at Torrance Art Museum. [more]
Posted by Norlynne Coar on 12/18/12