Death to Fat Man

As the time in my space in LA, West Eleven, was coming to a close in the fall of 2012, one thing was for sure. Fat Man, my nefarious creation, needed to be dealt with in all his gluttonous, icky, preverted, greedy glory. He was born earlier in the year from an idea to create a sculpture that embodied the various industries and powers that destroy the soul of beauty and true goodness in the world. He did his job many times over throughout the year at West Eleven and even added humor to the heaviness he symbolized. I grew to really love the dude. But I needed a change in myself and i... [more]
Posted by Kim Barry on 1/29/15

WWW. Exhibit @ SixTHreeFouR Studio March 23- June 30 2014

Spring is here and SixThreeFouR in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh is presenting WWW. by Kim Barry from March 23, 2014 thru June 30th, 2014. Please contact for an appt. to visit her studio space, interact with the installations and view work available for your own collection. WWW. INSTALLATION DETAIL WWW. INSTALLATION DETAIL WWW. INSTALLATION DETAIL WWW. INSTALLATION FROM LEFT: WWW. INSTALLATION, DREAM MAP IN THE BACKGROUND TECHNICALLY SPEAKING 2014BRAKE SHOES,... [more]
Posted by Kim Barry on 8/14/14

Breaking Bad Installation 2013

TUESDAY, MAY 21, 2013 "Breaking Bad" Art Installation 2013 Some things held sacred and in secret, simply box in with a hypnotic carnival of illusions defining life. With one drop of a mustard seed of truth and faith, the sacred and secret illusion breaks down.  If you have the courage to allow the collapse, align with the mustard seed, and resist the urge to keep or rebuild your given box, then you are truly free. No more living in cubicles or pixels.   "Breaking Bad" 2013 Mini version of a Lifesize Public Interactive Installation  Solid Black Cube,  Mustard Seed, 4 Sided Black Cube wit... [more]
Posted by Kim Barry on 5/22/13

...A Glass Half Full....

SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 2013 So ....the Glass is Half Full or Half Empty .....But no matter the amount, who, these days, is asking "What's in it?"  In many a microcosm of work, worship, and play, turning the pure to poison and the poison to pure can be veiled in the redefining and rationalization of terms, costs, and benefits. Bottoms Up  ..... A Glass Half Full.... New Work by Kim Barry 30 4" Glass Cups, 2" water, various amounts of mysteriously evolving substance  Detailed photos: below  DIFFERENT PE... [more]
Posted by Kim Barry on 5/22/13

A Rotting Idea

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2012      for more of my work, visit "A Rotting Idea"  2008 Acrylic and Screws on Drywall  Kim Barry   How old are you? How old are YOU? Wait…. How old are you? I hear it a lot. I never satisfy their demand with an answer. Why? What point is there in it? Does it tell them ANYTHING? Quite the opposite. Not replying, expresses so much more about what I believe in. There is nothing in believing in and providing a numerical account of my time. Attempting to gain any info at all about me from receiving a ra... [more]
Posted by Kim Barry on 11/5/12