Massive art auction

Click me now - over 90 pieces of original work for sale right now! [more]
Posted by Velveeta Heartbreak on 11/17/13

Onion article about failed painters

Retirees and trust-funders aside, isn't this article about every painter/writer/dancer/musician/hipster in NYC? Hello failed painters--- The writer (and The Onion) aren't writing this in empathy. This is not "misery loves company". You're the butt of the joke. Normal people with normal lives read this stuff and LOL, because they know somebody like this, and they think that person is pathetic, pathetic in a way that  prompts derisive laughter, the kind of LOL that smug, confident, secure, happy,... [more]
Posted by Velveeta Heartbreak on 3/23/13


massive art sale right now on eBay: Velveeta Heartbreak art auction [more]
Posted by Velveeta Heartbreak on 3/21/13

The original Williamsburg art scene

Hyperallergic article about the original Williamsburg art scene features my 1990 poster art [more]
Posted by Velveeta Heartbreak on 1/19/13