ARTIST STATEMENT #40 Gentleness, loneliness, fatigue, boredom, indifference. What is the nature of our natural states of lethargy? What is the "evolutionary function" of compassion? Sighing is a signification of our higher nature, leaking out like air from a punctured bicycle tire. Our fondness for small animals is an endorsement, an appreciation of our own vulnerability, our own endearing weakness. We are what we are, we are what we become, we are what we long for, in the long run. "Kittens in mittens." Anthropomorphizing is a roundabout way to pet ourselves, and to enjoy the warmth that awaits u... [more]
Posted by James Bradley on 6/16/13


ARTIST STATEMENT #39 Long, black hair of a Shinto shrine maiden, tresses swept by the selfsame currents which tickle the cherry trees and tease the blossoms from their branches with the gentleness of a mother combing the kinks out of her daughter's tangles. The trees surround the dirt path leading to the shrine, the clouds surround the sky path leading to the shrine's consummation. Birth and death debate the finer points of white powder on healthy faces, consider the potential merits of intricately patterned kimonos wrapped around child-rearing hips. An old woman gathers kindling with c... [more]
Posted by James Bradley on 6/9/13


ARTIST STATEMENT #38   S.S.S.S.S.S. Application Essay Excerpt, Year of the Dragon...thirteen cheerleaders forming a human pyramid, a marvel of estrogenic engineering, a monument of esoteric estrogen and pinnacle of my high school career, and I, only I, have been granted the supreme honor of forming the apex to this most essential of American adolescent rituals celebrating the worldly-yet-heaven-aspiring body of the teenage girl, envy of a drooling world. The A at the beginning of America is my guiding beacon, my lighthouse in the fog, my alpha. It is this A, graphically and stylistically de... [more]
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ARTIST STATEMENT #37 S.S.S.S.S.S. Internal Memo, Year of the Dragon. Individualism lay sprawled across the dew-drenched lawn like a five-pointed star, spread-eagle or, if I may take the liberty of improvising a more evocative colloquialism, spread-phoenix, looking up into the glowing sky of early morning with eyes squinted, imagining a mirror on the ceiling over the heart-shaped bed of creation with which to witness its own writhing autoeroticism. Tactically revealing scraps of fitted fabric far outstrip the obvious allure of a knee-jerk nudity. Leonardo da Vinci, with his diagrams of mystic man... [more]
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THESES ON INDIVIDUALISM Individualism is the ideology of the abstraction of individuality from lived experience, the separation of the signification of difference from the essence of difference. Individualism is the exaltation of this signification. Individualism is the creatio ex nihilo of contemporary global (western-derived) culture, the substantive ground upon which modernity is founded, including its various historical manifestations, i.e. the enlightenment, capitalism, democracy, nihilism, existentialism, the new age, etc. Post-modernism, to the extent to which it challenges at... [more]
Posted by James Bradley on 2/7/13