disappearing the fear and seeking transformation

recently  i have recognized that i am facing fears that have interfered with my life and my art process. i can hear spirit  calling to  face what holds me back. this is a power i did not know i embodied. it feels like a restless desire, source of energy that will allow me to adapt and expand. there are no shackles or limits  blocking my expressive being. the only thing is a physical one and learning to use it instead of it being an obstacle  has taught me to be disciplined and... [more]
Posted by Karen Gagich on 3/22/13

updates important

 what is necessary is to document the fluency of artworks that I, karen gagich, Do! There are many aspects to working as an unknown and one of them is consistently working on themes  that have meaning to me. Universal.  daily and the renewal of spirit never stray far from my intent.     So i salvaged this material and started making outdoor posters to announce upcoming events at this building ,only to have them all stolen away into some savvy artcollecting individuals hands. One day I... [more]
Posted by Karen Gagich on 1/17/13