By Reed V. Horth, for and Robin Rile Fine Art “It used to be called plundering. But today things have become more humane. In spite of that, I intend to plunder, and to do it thoroughly” ~Reichmarshall Hermann Goering, August 6, 1942 Call us Bohemian, if you will. When my wife and I travel, we like to rent apartments in small-local communities, as opposed to luxurious hotels in heavily trafficked areas. This allows us to interact with locals and get to know what it is like to really LIVE in the cities we visit. This approach has allowed us to stumble upon some of the... [more]
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The New York St. Regis and A Merry Old Soul

By Reed V. Horth, for and Robin Rile Fine Art When I was growing up, my parents were not “artsy” in the sense that we had a piano in the corner, took weekly trips to the local museum and collected Picassos. However, both were art-oriented in that they enjoyed art, stressed it in our family education and leaned to art as a vehicle to both educate my sister and I. I like to think that they saw value in broadening our cultural horizons beyond the small upstate New York town which we hailed from. As I grew and traveled, I created a career in the field of art. But, those indel... [more]
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An actual letter sent to a client by Reed V. Horth, for Robin Rile Fine Art Dear B, Thank you for your email about “investment-level” artworks. Now, I will start by saying that art should not necessarily be bought solely for investment. While everyone’s motivations are different, as a collector myself, I feel there should be some element of passion (Call it pride, love, history or some other motivator) which triggers your purchase. The reason behind an element of pragmatism is that we, as dealers, cannot predict the future. We can merely let you know what we have seen in the pa... [more]
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Peeling Back the Campbell's Soup Label: The Warhol I Never Knew

By Reed V. Horth, for and Robin Rile Fine Art “I have a fantasy about money: I’m walking down the street and I hear somebody say in a whisper ‘there goes the richest person in the world’” ~Andy Warhol The building is not at all what I expected. Perhaps I did not know precisely what to expect. One side of my brain expected a multi- colored eyesore that city commissions would have surely been bribed to accept. The other side of my brain had not actually formulated a concept. But as our little white rental car rounded the top of the Warhol Bridge... [more]
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TEXT © 2012 Reed V. Horth, for ROBIN RILE FINE ART Three sets of eyes drink in the sight of a veritable ocean of names. 58,195 names inscribed in inch tall letters typeset over the expanse of a wall that, while it starts minutely on one edge, expands to over 10 feet tall (3 m) at its apex. Its length is overwhelming, stretching for 246 feet (75 m) and it envelops the viewer as if it could drown us. Three sets of eyes keep vigil morning, noon and night, through winter’s harsh snows and summer’s unbearable heat. The three sets of eyes belong to Frederick E. Hart’s (1943-1999)... [more]
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