Reed V. Horth on Why He Became an Art Dealer

artnet News, Wednesday, July 15, 2015   Reed V. Horth, owner and founder of Robin Rile Fine Art. Reed V. Horth, owner and founder of Robin Rile Fine Art, has found many avenues to channel his passion for modern, postwar, and contemporary art. As an art dealer, he is responsible for placing countless priceless works by modern masters, such as Salvador Dalí and Richard MacDonald, into museums and private collections around the world. His accomplishments extend into other areas of the art... [more]
Posted by Reed V. Horth on 7/16/15

The $140 Million Dollar Eulogy

By Reed V. Horth for Robin Rile Fine Art A few days ago, my wife’s Linkedin Profile boasted this photo of Pablo Picasso’s 1955 masterpiece “Les Femmes d’Algers, Version O“, which is estimated to fetch over $140m at the upcoming Christie’s New York auction on 11 May. For me, it was like seeing an old friend. Her face had been drunk in and every nuance studied when I was a young art historian holed up in my first gallery in 1996/97. It was in 1997 that the prominent Victor and Sally Ganz... [more]
Posted by Reed V. Horth on 3/30/15


By Reed V. Horth, for and Robin Rile Fine Art   The New Yorker’s award-winning columnist Malcolm Gladwell posits in his 2008 book “” that, today’s world’s wealthiest man, Mr. Carlos Slim Helú, ranks only as #31 on the all-time scale of wealthiest human in recorded history.   Only.   As of 2008, Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helú had $72.4B USD (2014 rank #1 at $73B). A significant sum to be sure. However this total less than ¼ of the reported $318.3B USD estimated for American... [more]
Posted by Reed V. Horth on 2/21/14

What is it with “Artists” destroying other Artist’s Work these days?

By Reed V. Horth, for Robin Rile Fine Art On February 16, 2014, Miami Artist Maximo Caminero casually walked into the brand-new Pérez Art Museum Miami, picked up a $1M vase by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, and smashed it to the ground in an apparent protest. What is it with artists destroying other people’s work these days? "Colored Vases", Ai Weiwei, 2006-2012 Courtesy of Craig O'Neil via Miami New Times Mr. Caminero told Michael E. Miller, of The Miami New Times, “,” he says. “They... [more]
Posted by Reed V. Horth on 2/21/14

“Infants of the Same Species”: Washington National Cathedral and Frederick E. Hart

  Michelangelo was 24 years old when he completed his “Pietà” in 1499. Oh, if only I were so accomplished by the same age. Michelangelo (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, 6 March 1475 – 18 February 1564) installed his most perfect sculpture within the Vatican walls in the dead of night, helped by laborers who refused payment as they felt blessed to place such a masterpiece. Unsigned, Michelangelo later snuck back into the Vatican one evening, chiseling his signature on Mary’s sash... [more]
Posted by Reed V. Horth on 1/31/14