Having absorbed all colors, the darkness contains all worlds. People are in it, too, and they do not see any colors, any worlds and even themselves until Rembrandt appears to bring them all to light. Rembrandt dips his brush in the seething darkness and brings out the child, the mother, the pupil at his desk, the anatomy students, Flora, the beloved, the bride, the father with the prodigal son, the praying old woman, the reading old woman, Danaë with the shower of gold, the philosopher, the... [more]
Posted by Marlena` Yurukova on 1/9/13

Fred Holle- The Painter and The Teacher, The Blessed

  by Marlena Yurukova for the artist's 80th birthday 6 May 2011 The genius's works are distinguished by the quality that even when they display the meanness, even when they prove and make us feel the inevitable misery of life with obviousness, even when they express the most horrible despair- nevertheless they serve always as a comfort, light up again the enthusiasm, and let they depict nothing else than death, they return the death itself the life that has seemed to be faded for a... [more]
Posted by Marlena` Yurukova on 5/6/11

The young art of three young artists

  Shannah Bupp (portrait of Shannah Bupp by M.Yurukova), Smilyana Todorova (portrait of Smilyana Todorova by M.Yurukova) and Osaretin Ugiagbe ( portrait of Osaretin Ugiagbe by Marlena Yurukova) are young. They are artists. They have already been  awarded twice by Artslant. Their art is young. Their togetherness is rooted in their young art. Young means new, exceptional, new-born, expected eagerly by the others. Their roots are strongly bound in the tradition - Shannah's  - in Egon Shiele's... [more]
Posted by Marlena` Yurukova on 2/3/11

Vincent, the shoemaker, the sunflowers, and we

in homage to Vincent Van Gogh and the 120th death anniversary of his 29.07.2010   He himself wanted to be hardworking and upright in his job like a shoemaker, so maybe therefore he painted shoes, but he painted also sunflowers because he himself was one of them. Like a sunflower he collected the solar fire of love in his heart in order  people to have been able to warm themselves by it until today, 120 years after that July 29 of 1890, although 10 years earlier, in July 1880 ,... [more]
Posted by Marlena` Yurukova on 7/29/10

Painters' anniversaries , year 2010

In the year 2010 we, the artists of today, should mark the anniversaries of the artists not of yesterday but of eternity: Vincent Van Gogh - Egon Schiele - Sandro Boticelli- Mikhail Vrubel- Marc Chagal- Amadeo... [more]
Posted by Marlena` Yurukova on 7/15/10