Critique Collective Interview

Recent Interview CRITIQUE COLLECTIVE Virginia T Coleman by pauloweiner My interview today is with Virginia T Coleman, an artist residing in Denver, Colorado as a member of the Next Art Gallery. She holds an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in San Francisco, as well as a Bachelors of environmental design from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a Masters Certificate in welding from the Tulsa Welding School. Her artwork can be found online at Here is an installation photo from Virg... [more]
Posted by Virginia T Coleman on 8/6/13

Living Arts Center Interview

Living Arts Center Interview from June, 2013 Exhibition The Lines of A Woman By Virginia T Coleman 1. What artists inspire you? "It constantly grows and fluctuates with the work, time and my continual gathering of information. Do I feel that certain artist have funneled my concepts in certain fashions, yes. Everyone is inspired by others and you use that as your spring board to find yourself. If I had to choose at this moment well, it would go like this-" Installation / Outdoor sculpture- Richard Serra or Beverly Pepper Sculpture- David Smith or Manuel Neri Painting... [more]
Posted by Virginia T Coleman on 8/6/13

Link and Video to the body of work

Most recent Artist talk video on "The Lines OF A Woman" Link tio my personal Blog- [more]
Posted by Virginia T Coleman on 7/17/13

Figurative Drawing's 2013-

Here are my figurative life drawings for 2013- I draw at the Art Student League of Denver every Wed night. Enjoy - LIFE DRAWINGS- [more]
Posted by Virginia T Coleman on 2/2/13

Newest Works

Here is the link to my blog that documents the process of current pieces- Enjoy- Cheers [more]
Posted by Virginia T Coleman on 7/9/12