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Samantha Fields @ Kim Light/LightBox

These small paintings by Samantha Fields represent an image that every Southern Californian has grown used to seeing.  This is also an image that can be extremely jarring to a newly-migrated East Coast native.  Fields gives us paintings that could/and are often mistaken as photographs of the Southland Fires.  Each is a painting of an actual photograph the artist took of multiple fires from around the region.  This subject seems especially poignant this fall after the La Canada-Flintridge... [more]
Posted by Allison Cooper on 11/18/09

Blue in the Face

by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz
      Kim Light moved into Maloney Fine Art's space, and in their first venture together they have mounted a group show, .  The group of artists is diverse, but the works are tied together by, you guessed it, the color blue.  In such a small space, this is actually a good approach to a group show.  It's hung salon style, works stacked on top of each other, creating a patchwork of sorts.  Sure, the pieces distract from each other and there isn't much space to really step back and look at, for... [more]
Posted by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz on 6/15/09

Curiosity Kills Couture

by Catherine Wagley
          There are no faces in Marianne Mueller's photographs. The Swiss artist shoots thighs, arms, breasts, legs, sheets, shoes, poles, and bathtubs, but leaves eyes, noses, and mouths out of the picture. It's a brilliantly simple move. Every nuance of Mueller's newest exhibition at Kim Light/Lightbox evokes the shape and weight of a body-even images of microphones or piping feel like they're waiting to be filled by a living, breathing figure. Yet without facial expressions to pin down... [more]
Posted by Catherine Wagley on 2/2/09

Prime Real Estate

by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz
Penelope Gottlieb's installation, is both playful and somber.  The installation is comprised of monochrome drawings, in frames matching the color in each drawing, all placed salon style around a fake fireplace.  The fire in the fireplace lights up as if it were real and the gallery space is made to feel like an odd, kitsch representation of a living room.  Gottlieb depicts, in simple, semi realistic colored pencil drawings, homes that represent the stereotype of the American dream, and more... [more]
Posted by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz on 2/23/09

A Look at Kim Dingle

by Angel Chen
The ever-amazing Kim Dingle, at the always fabulous Kim Light Gallery, presents us with girls in white dresses, cuffed bobby socks, perfect banana curls, and black patent leather Mary Janes, the stuff of little girl dreams of course.  Only this time, her once wild girls have now gone ecstatic over cake.  Little girls and food, frills and ruffled panties, doilies and…melting, moist, dripping, gooey, chocolate on pristine white party dresses, wild frosting swirls seething with the voracious... [more]
Posted by Angel Chen on 11/25/07

World of Cake

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”  Whenever I hear that proverb, I bristle.  It’s so scanty.  And what exactly are we talking about?  Having vs Enjoying?  Hoarding vs Consuming?  Arithmetic (1-1 = 0??)   Did you ever buy a cake and then not eat it?  What’s the point of that!   Me, personally, I want to try lots of cakes – a world of cakes - eat the cake, have the cake, bake the cake, frost the cake.  Cake walk.  Leave it out in the rain even.   Certainly Kim Dingle has been... [more]
Posted by Victor Nine on 11/28/07