Black Maria Gallery

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This show wasn't totally to my taste - but I'm SURE it will be to someone's taste...! Great staff... knowledgeable interesting and funny to boot! [more]
Posted by pdowne on 12/22/08

The Way It Looks

Jack Arnold, Alfred Hitchcock, Oskar Fischinger, Salvador Dali, Arch Oboler, Andre De Toth, some artists have taken an interest. “Will not all this call for absolutely new arts,” says Eisenstein, “unheard-of forms and dimensions ranging far beyond the scope of the traditional?” The quote is from the curator’s new book, Stereoscopic Cinema and the Origins of 3-D Film. Ray Zone has assembled unheard-of forms and dimensions and a lot of other demonstrations of stereoscopic art. Boris Starosta... [more]
Posted by mulrooney on 2/6/08