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Love Forever at Bellwether

by Yaelle Amir
    Contrary to the usual non-committal and light tone of summer group shows, reaches out to the raw and fundamental emotions within us in its focus on death and commemoration. Ranging from dismal to humorous, the works and artifacts display diverse methods of memorializing loved ones in various cultures. Some works are highly personal and specific, as in the case of Tammy Rae Carland’s homage to... [more]
Posted by Yaelle Amir on 7/13/08

A Look at Jonah Groeneboer

by Nicholas Weist
The Meaure, Jonah Groeneboer's first solo show, is a complex and strangely thrilling tour of the fourth dimension. His sculptures, made from different types of string, trace vertices representing the movements of shapes through space. For instance for 00:16:24;28 (Clouds, Birds, Jet), Groeneboer took 16 minutes of video footage of a sky across which moved birds, a plane, and clouds. He later watched the footage, stopping it every few seconds to note the position of the objects as they moved.... [more]
Posted by Nicholas Weist on 1/6/08

A Duchampian Sanford and Son

by Chris Bors
    You step up and then down an antique fir wooden ramp to enter Daphne Fitzpatrick's show of fastidiously tweaked and salvaged material at Bellwether, but this minor detour is well worth it.  A standout piece in the front of the gallery is "," 2007. Consisting of a series of interlocked sculpted sausages on a metal shelf, snaking their way into a blown glass jar, it is both elegant and witty.    Take a seat in her plywood "Sandmand" structure, featuring a video slideshow of random... [more]
Posted by Chris Bors on 10/21/07