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Bat Opera

by Philippa Snow
There are certain words and phrases—certain names, in this instance, but more on that later—which carry enough of their own baggage as to throw the rest of the sentence they're carried by off-course; they're linguistic Trojan horses, derailing any attempt at rational discussion (an anecdotal example of this is a friend of mine who refuses point-blank to speak the word “croissant,” on the grounds that it forces the speaker to contort their face into an angry shape—she refers to the pastry,... [more]
Posted by Philippa Snow on 4/27/14

Avner Ben-Gal at Sadie Coles HQ

by Laura Bushell
It’s a cruel world, according to Avner Ben-Gal. In his paintings and drawings the Israeli-born artist unveils an uncanny world of shaken-up dream logic in which human forms are melded with Swiss Army knives, faceless women appear in graphic anatomical detail, and figures both human and fantasy appear in confrontation with each other. It’s the bad dream that haunts our waking hours, the sinister side of life that we try to brush away. Over two rooms, this exhibition at Sadie Coles takes in a... [more]
Posted by Laura Bushell on 1/22/12

Ancient Evenings, Ancient Rituals

by Nicholas James
        San Francisco-born artist Matthew Barney follows his 2007 Serpentine Gallery exhibition Drawing Restraint with a really intriguing anthology of new works at Sadie Coles HQ, South Audley Street.  A number of vitrines contain what are described as storyboards: collections of images and ephemera. Each of the cases relates to scenarios developed from ancient Egyptian mythology. This is loosely based on the novel Ancient Evenings by Norman Mailer, a re-imagining of ancient... [more]
Posted by Nicholas James on 2/14/10


by Jane Mae Howard
        This latest exhibition from Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone is a display of new sculptures from his ongoing ‘Still.Life’ series.Objects such as bread, potatoes, walnuts, trees and cardboard have been cast in bronze and painted, looking impressively identical to the originals. The objects chosen are symbolic of still life painting and also corresponds to the transient nature depicted in the vanitas. Arranged in a very minimalist and conceptual way; the simplicity echoes the signature of... [more]
Posted by Jane Mae Howard on 11/6/09

Screaming Orange and Pink

by Ashley Vaughan
        For , his fourth show at Sadie Coles HQ, Jim Lambie transforms the gallery into an engulfing optical environment. Influenced by everything from Op Art to junk to rock and roll, the exhibition quite literally swallows up visitors—in a good way.   Television acts as a super-installation, no artwork taking precedent over the other, and all working together to give viewers a chance to experience Lambie’s art, rather than simply seeing it. His work is invasive, almost... [more]
Posted by Ashley Vaughan on 3/28/09