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Bader, Chirulescu, Quenum

      Before the screen, before Euclid, before the window, there was the lie.  There was originally no difference between the lie and the eye: each saw. Sight was borne on the eaves of fiction and fiction was born on the biceps of sight.   We are creatures of the day and of the night and both are our homes, are our disarmers.  What becomes true is the place you were meant to be. There is a guidepost, a beckon, a beacon, a peal, a meal: we are meant to know –that’s enough for... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 4/10/10

Plastic Fantastic

by Georgia Fee
        Do you dream of 80's synthetic? Plastic, faux, blandness surrounding you in corporate delight?  Can you hear the Muzak in the air?  Feel the vinyl beneath your fingertips?  This is the vision of Tobias Madison, a young Swiss artist currently on view at Cardenas Bellanger. Born smack in the middle of the 80's, Tobias has developed a bad bag of appropriated tricks from "Yes I Can!" moto-memorabilia (taken from his favorite hotel chain and almost namesake, the Radisson), to Oakley... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 4/28/09

Havoc and Happenings

by E-Slant Team
Henry Taylor’s work is happening. It is happening on boxes and cigarette packs, beer cases and canvases, too, and if you are reading this in Los Angeles in April, it’s probably happening there now. Conceived in three-parts, this exhibition presents the full compass of Taylor’s practice: in New York, his paintings; in Paris, recent sculptures and painted works on boxes; and in LA, his studio itself, transposed in its brimming, full-functioning entirety to the Melser&Hug gallery... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 3/28/09

The Zen-Appeal of Found Objects

by Kate Lemay
          Ian Pedigo’s solo show of his new work, “The State of Before As Its Form” at Gallery Cardenas Bellanger, is a sure treat for anyone interested in Minimalist sculpture. Not only is half-owner Carlos Cardenas friendly and delightfully conversant in art historical and other possible references for the work of Pedigo, but the gallery is located in one of Paris’s more picturesque streets, rue Quincampoix, in the 4th arrondissement. Although Pedigo seems to have a barrage of found... [more]
Posted by Kate Lemay on 2/9/09

Hall of mirrors

by Georgia Fee
    Some art is harder than other art. With some art, you walk into the gallery and what awaits is pure, unadulterated pleasure. With other art, you walk into the gallery and come face-to-face with questions, challenge and disorientation. Such is the case with the new installation, .../..., by Guillaume Constantin and Raphaël Zarka at Cardenas Bellanger. Apparently, the piece comments on two photographs: the first is a photo taken by Constantin at the Museum of Natural History in Berlin of a... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 12/22/08