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Response to Response

by Kathryn Born
        The idea: art critics pair with artists, and let the artists have the final word. "Response: Art and the Art of Criticism," was curated by the well-respected group Chicago Art Critics Association (CACA), with Polly Ulrich, Claire Wolf Krantz and Janina Ciezadlo as the "point people" for I Space Gallery. Expectations were high for the eighteen art critics and artists who were featured simultaneously. But the bloggers and reviews weren't lavishing praise. Wrote Claudine Ise, of art... [more]
Posted by Kathryn Born on 5/6/09

A Must Read

by Kathryn Born
I Space is an edgy River North gallery that has three gallery spaces and houses the type of experimental work usually seen in the West Loop. As the title describes, features textwork ranging from Andrew Byrom's Grab Me, which spells the word "PLAY" in stainless steel handrails, to a Ariel Malka's The Javascriptorium, a real-time computer program that creates a mountainous landscape from a Hebrew prayer. Clever artworks abound. Keetra Dixson and JK Keller contributed I've been Thinking of... [more]
Posted by Kathryn Born on 1/28/09