Gecko Gecko, Thai-California Eatery

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Gecko Gecko, Thai-California Eatery
2101 Milvia Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Venue Type: Alternative Space
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Open daily, 11:30am-3pm, 4:30pm-9pm
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contemporary, emerging, photography

Gecko Gecko, Thai-California Eatery is a local, non-corporate, family-owned enterprise that is the result of a creativeness and inventiveness that we longed for and wanted to bring to Thai, and southeast asian, cooking.

From our beginnings in 2008, we have prided ourselves on the authenticity of our traditional Thai favorites, such as Pad Thai, Pad Se Ew, Satay & Thai Curries. In some cases, like our “Ultimate Pad Thai,” we had one of our “why didn’t anybody think of this before” moments when we found ourselves enjoying family meals with our healthful version of Pad Thai with many more wonderful vegetables, seafood and poultry.

While we shy away from the “fusion” nomenclature and prefer not to delve into “Thai Nachos” or “Thai-talian Spaghetti,” our goal is to bring the fresh California flavors and ingredients that we love, introducing them to our Asian dishes and making them more uniquely modern – giving them a twist. (Okay, we may have stretched it a bit with feta cheese on our Ultimate Pad Thai, but you really should taste it!)

Gecko Gecko is proud to use the freshest – and wherever possible, organic – vegetables and fruit, and we use local, free-range chicken from Mary’s Chickens. Our duck is premium, breast-only free-range that we roast ourselves, and our lamb is free-range as well.

You’ll find that we have our core menu that includes customer favorites, including The Gecko’s Specialties, plus an ever-changing Specials Menu that evolves seasonally, and as we develop new recipes that we think challenges – and complements – the traditional ideas of southeast Asian cooking.