The Soundtrack of Your Life

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© Courtesy of the Artist and Black Maria Gallery
The Soundtrack of Your Life

3137 Glendale Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90039
March 5th, 2010 - April 11th, 2010
Opening: March 5th, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Tuesday – Sunday, 12pm until 6pm (or by appointment)
Scion Art Space


Black Maria Gallery announced a new group exhibition, titled “Soundtrack of Your Life,” which will open on the night of Friday, March 5.

“Soundtrack of Your Life” will explore the ways in which we remember the turning points of our lives, particularly as they relate to our favorite movies and even their soundtracks.

Artists participating in the exhibition include Paul Chatem, Renee Lawter, Brooks Salzwedel, Greg Noppe, Saratoga Sake, Anthony Ausgang, Jane Gotts, Jason Hernandez, Ken Garduno, Aaron White, Ben Kehoe and Tom Haubrick.

“The exhibition is about the cinematic patina of our memories,” said Sam Saghatelian, curator of “Soundtrack of Your Life” and a participating artist.

“The show also sheds light on the interrelationship between our most significant experiences and the films we might associate them with,” Saghatelian continued. “In this sense, experiential images and sounds ingrained in our imaginations are complemented and amplified by certain motion pictures, including their music, therefore deepening the vividness of memory and helping shape our personal and cultural identities.”

In keeping with the cinematic theme of “Soundtrack of Your Life,” the exhibition will be held among an installation of moviemaking paraphernalia and artifacts such as vintage film reels and canisters. The installation will be designed by Harry Momdjian and Saghatelian. “Throughout the exhibition, the gallery will be reminiscent of a cutting room,” Saghatelian said.

Although the show will consist mostly of paintings, a number of participating artists will offer multimedia works. For instance, Brooks Salzwedel will present compositions drawn on film canisters, which will feature his signature mix of materials including resin and graphite.

Saghatelian added that, as with most exhibitions at Black Maria Gallery, all of the upcoming show’s artworks have intrinsic value as part of a specific group project. “Since our artists are commissioned to create works in a particular theme for each and every exhibition at Black Maria Gallery, these works represent a distinct art-historical significance, especially for collectors,” he explained.

The opening-night hours for “Soundtrack of Your Life” will be from 7 to 10:30 pm. The exhibition will remain open until Sunday, April 11.

The exhibtion is sponsored by Hugo's Tacos and Scion Art Space