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Sky-pe © Stefania Zocco
October 3rd, 2009 - October 3rd, 2009
Opening: October 3rd, 2009 11:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Galleria Civica Montevergini Siracusa/ C.o.C.A. Modica
PAOLA, ANZICHE’, LARS, ARRHENIUS, eve, BONNEAU, VINCENZO, CARTA, e, benjamin, VANDEWALLE, Alessandra, Coppola, COSMESI, CESARE, PIETROIUSTI, SANTASANGRE, VIEL, ADALBERTO, ABBATE, ROSARIO, ANTOCI, GIUSEPPE, BOMBACI, Claudio, Cavallaro, GABRIELLA, CIANCIMINO, Silvia, Giambrone, STEFANIA, ZOCCO, Siracusa/Modica, in, CONTEMPORANEA, Francesco, lucifora, aldo, Taranto, mixed-media, digital, installation, video-art, performance


Siracusa / Modica Simultaneously comes from the unanimous intention to show the contemporary present in the possible variations that only the crossover of the arts can reveals. The border areas are places in continuous evolution and present transits unpublished artists who feed on new imaginary strongly linked to real life experience and perceptions of other bodies of migrants. When, recently, it remained tied to the concept of crossing, the contemporary art scene barely visible textures currently produced by reflection on the life of this man. Feeling the distinction between the human world and animal and plant, according to ancient myths that revolve around the reconstruction of that bond broken, belonged to men of the past. Although this separation has been exacerbated in the present era, the man of today feels more like media messages, rather than hear the re-sent, is the echo of everything. Reconstruct the relationship between our bodies and places is the urgency that binds together the theater, dance and visual arts. Areas lose their boundaries and closures begin to explode. Remains the art. Remaining directions.

Syracuse, 9Moving Circles spreads the force of actors, performers, artists, dancers, which reaffirmed, from video, the persistence of the infinity of the expression and the absence of limitations. A Modica, founded the Center of Contemporary Arts, specialized library of contemporary arts with the creation of an archive that will collect, preserve and restore the production of paper and constantly produced in the magnetic circuit of arti.Cataloghi, journals, magazines, books and video as new segments to orient and re-orientation between existing codes and symbols in contemporary married existence. Towards South-East and overlays, an exhibition and a series of lively talks with some of the players in the world of art that speak to an audience fast direct comparisons with the artists. A Modica, there is a particular focus on the movements of contemporary arts and a fascination to the parallel growth of  young collectors who inevitably supports emerging artists. COCA includes the creation of a common heritage to be made available to people and places that have waited far too long a visit or who have had to move the home to enjoy the knowledge that should be fundamental right of any territory without geographical and cultural distinctions.

It ended 'the time of the lamentations of the south, inaugurates the season of Sicilian identity in the contemporary arts is the acknowledgment of their present and mapping the future without fences or barricades but cross-influences between painting, sculpture, theater, performing arts and shared knowledge.