Today and Others

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Today and Others © Courtesy of The artist and Queen's Nails Projects
Today and Others

3191 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
September 4th, 2009 - October 3rd, 2009
Opening: September 4th, 2009 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM



Queens Nails Projects is pleased to present a new series of artworks and solo project by Bay Area artist Ian McDonald with 2 additional projects by Conrad Meyers and Shimomitsu. The solo exhibitions: ” Today and Others” featuring new sculptures by Ian McDonald and “Blight “ featuring a new digital video by Conrad Meyers and live music performances by Shimomitsu. All artists will be mounting site-specific works for this exhibition.
Ian McDonald is premiering a new installation and body of work as well as a call and response audio project with Shimomitsu that will be reconstructed live by a music performance by Shimomitsu of original music recorded by McDonald and acts as the soundtrack to his installation. Shimomitsu will be playing the soundtrack live every Friday (6-8pm) during the run of exhibition. McDonald’s work balances somewhere between the logical and a purely theoretical approach to everyday objects and their material associations. It is in the combination of these distinct relatives that objects recede then reappear in value and significance. It is however more than mere references to functionality and form, and more of a system of real objects negotiating a real stream of usability. In some cases McDonald’s objects may have their usability interrupted in sacrifice for display, while others have just begun the process of proposed futures. McDonald’s work in this way refuses the hierarchical approach to sculpture and object making, opting to see as much potential in a corked stoneware bottle, as a purely decorative gold leafed element.
Ian McDonald has shown throughout the United States and Europe, including venues such as, Rena Bransten Gallery, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Wight Gallery at UCLA, Nieuwe Vide Gallery, Sophienholm Museum in Svendborg Denmark and the Museo Internazionale dell Ceramiche. In 2007 he was awarded the “Premio Faenza” from Museo Internazionale dell Ceramiche in Faenza Italy. He has completed residencies at the European Ceramic Work Center in Holland, and the International Ceramic Research Center in Denmark. His work has been reviewed in magazines including Artweek and Art Forum. He is represented by Rena Bransten Galley in San Francisco, and is currently faculty in Sculpture at The San Francisco Art Institute.
Shimomitsu is an experimental music collaboration between Shemoel Recalde and Joshua Roberts, combining acoustic sound origination and real-time digital manipulation. Live sound is produced from a combination of handmade control devices, all emphasizing the importance of physical interaction, using the human as the interface in a live performance setting. The combination between organic and synthetic elements are a common occurrence in both the generation of the sounds, and the aesthetic of the live performance and sculptural qualities of the instruments. Shimomitsu is mostly inspired by the ephemeral quality of the ocean and its historical context in music history, particularly in the 1950’s. The projects’ sound lies in a blissfully uncomfortable place between a tribal doo-wop and a psychedelic surf experience, they like to call ocean rock. Shimomitsu will be in-residence in QnPs newly expanded space and will have process-based artworks on view as well as live performances every Friday during the exhibition with DJ Softserve as well. For their installation and collaboration with McDonald, Shimomitsu will be releasing a limited edition CD on Queens Nails Records.

Conrad M. Meyers II presents a beautiful new digital video in the screening room of a work that derives from speculative medical scientific animation and exhibition, conceived via the amalgamation of memory, the physical and the virtual. The digital images are entirely fabricated, based on the artist’s flesh thus confronting the viewer with subtly interacting objects that are falsely educational: processes to be comprehended with no avail. Meyers II is an artist and educator working in sculpture, installation, and new media.  His art projects, which derive from speculative scientific animation and exhibit, have been shown in Washington DC, Baltimore, Seattle and the Bay area.  He received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently a resident artist at Root Division in San Francisco.