THANK TANK 2007: back to your basics

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THANK TANK 2007: back to your basics

1830 sunset blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
September 1st, 2007 - September 2nd, 2007
Opening: September 1st, 2007 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Sat 2-5
performance, lecture-series, Conference, community


Thank Tank 2007: back to your basics

The 1st Annual Thank Tank consists of artists and cultural creatives mostly based in Los Angeles.

It is a hands-on concentrated 48 hour session, which plans to explore the intersection of our lives and art. 

Through the Thank Tank we plan to improve the quality of our personal and extended community’s lives. 

The session will explore what we will call base essentials as a way to break down our day to day routines and analyze current infrastructures. 

We hope that the thank tank  will shed light on how we operate as individuals and, through the use of imagination and extending our notions of possibilities, we want to come up with creative solutions to specific localized problems. 

The subjects being explored are as follows:  food, shelter, interpersonal relationships, transportation, art, sustainable explorations, music, and education.

Optional overnight stay on roof

8am    Continental Breakfast 
9am     Opening Presentation/ Weekend Overview
-Michael G. Bauer Powerpoint presentation on the New New School and  
  related projects. 
        -eighteen-thirty history (who we are/ why we are hosting)
        -Thank Tank Goals/Mission statement/Overview

10 am     Shelter Panel Discussion
-Headed by Jared David Paul (founder of Venus on Hope).
Panel includes John Knuth of Circus Gallery, Justin Hansch of JMOCA,   eighteen-thirty, Janet from Tiny Creatures, Dustin & Scott from 1515 Vermont: How to Be a Microwave collective,  Liz on alternative uses of conventional shelter, and Tim Quinn and Kathryn Hargreaves of Dangerous Curve.

11:45   Housing Authority/Section 8 Overview
        -Amy Cho
12:30   Bi-Coastal Artist Alliance Conference Call
        -Alex Mathis
1:00     Homemade Lake Home/Lunch
        -Construction of a lean-to shelter sculpture at Echo Park
-Break into groups, proposals for alternative uses of our personal shelters

3:00     YouTubeVideos
-Notions of Progressive Education
3:30     Real alternative school talk featuring the Mt. School.? ? ? (tbd)
4:00     Starting a School in a Perfect World
-Step Mekhitarian- education theorist/founder of school for Boston’s homeless at Harvard
4:30   501 Presentation, education that happens at the art park
        -Lindsey Fyfe/Suzy Halajian: AcLA(community arts & nonprofit)
5:30   Discussion:  Prospects of 1830 school curriculum/ educational progressivism
as art school (New New Classes)


8pm  Music Karaoke Extravaganza Hosted by Oscar Santos

10:00 am  Bicycle Kitchen (moderated by Bradley Watkins)
*  issue of overcoming the los angeles driving doldrums: “why I don’t want to  drive on the freeway”
10:30    Samuel Vasquez on Camino Hike
11:00    Bus 993 Article (group reading/discussion)
11:30    Katie Grinnan, Tim Rogeberg and Joel  on Rubble Division/ art and travel
12:00    Rachel Mason, Travel, the 2008 democratic election race, and drawing
12;30    Los Angeles Bus/Gallery Connection
             Lawrence Rengert (proposal for Dangerous Curves)

2:00   Organic Authority, Eating Organic on a Budget
2:45   Container Gardening
     Drew Denny: her travels in Brazil//eighteen-thirty rooftop garden)
4:15  Uses of Food in Performance Art
     Michael G. Bauer/Dawn,Kasper
5:00   Work of Theo Rosenblum—food/painting
5:00   Noah Wolf’s Cooking Show (to be recorded and broadcast)

Wrap up ---interpersonal relationships & our everyday lives.