Horse Show

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Untitled (B57), 7/2009 Pigment Print 16 X 10" © c. Walker
Horse Show
Curated by: Lui Sanchez

257 S. Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
July 9th, 2009 - August 22nd, 2009
Opening: July 9th, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
photography, conceptual


The Lot 44 Gallery invites you to view Horse Show, an art exhibition by Walker. 
The exhibition shows from July 9th through August 22nd, 2009.  An artist reception will be held on Thursday, July 9th from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. during the Downtown LA Artwalk.  Lot 44 Gallery is located at 257 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, 90012.
Horse Show presents artwork that re-presents amateur photography.  Utilizing aged pictures, snapshots, photographic mementos that have been found in thrift shops, antique stores, and swap meets, Walker elevates the hidden artistic action that unknown photographers have captured in their personal, familial, and now compassioned nostalgic moments.  Walker takes a keen eye to these photographs - many as old as forty, fifty, or more years - and dusts off the witheredness that obscures their creative impact.  He diligently seeks, inspects, and selects photographs to digitally scan to work and heighten their minute yet powerful photographic elements.  He carefully alters the images so to enhance the strengths originally captured in them years ago.  Walker then reprints them in larger dimensions to augment their attributes and frames them in conventional black frames to accentuate the significant historical aspects of theses artifacts. Walker takes a shine to these snapshots, as diamonds in the rough, and offers their brilliance to what may normally be seen as mundane moments of past lives.  

Walker further focuses our attention to these images by presenting a series with people and horses.  The exhibition not only reveals the happenstance of exquisite photographic elements, but also the regal past time of being with one's horse.  Walker, for example, re-presents us with a beautiful woman - a sepia-toned Madonna - sitting on a horse as though she and the animal were one, or two well-dressed children, a brother and younger sister perhaps, that charmingly smile for us as the boy holds the girl on the horse's back.  The snapshot portraits of these people are proud declarations of their status in joy and dignity as they poise with a horse.  The horse in this series once again becomes a mythical, stately, and endearing pedestal as one would today stand next to a brand new car.  The horse provides the unifying theme that lures us into the photographs to delicately reveal their richness; Walker is well to recognize this quality. As he states:

    My current project investigates the creation of an image as a play between the group and the individual, the common and the particular, incorporating both public and private ideas of how and why we create visual records of events, places and markers in our lives.  Focusing on the subject of the horse in anonymous snapshots, this work attempts to preserve the genius of the amateur, the integrity of the photograph as object and displace the nostalgic into the contemporary by way of repackaging and re-contextualizing these images.

Walker's work in Horse Show is the artist as Smithsonian.  His careful eye to curate and his careful manner to refurbish found personal historic images for a re-viewing is a careful idea that enhances the subject, object, and action of all photography: the art of the photographer in making choices.  Walker's eye and compassion curates and elevates life's personal moments so much so that we would be wise to have his eye to curate our own lives.
The Lot 44 Gallery welcomes you to view and share in these choice photographic moments as presented by the artist Walker in Horse Show.

Lui Sanchez, Curator