St. Mungo and Me

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St. Mungo and Me
Curated by: Nick McCarthy

2680 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
December 2nd, 2006 - January 20th, 2007

Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm

            LightBox is pleased to present a group show highlighting an emerging group of artists based in the UK and Germany, all selected by Nick McCarthy, lead guitarist of the Glasgow-based band Franz Ferdinand. Since its inception, Franz Ferdinand has consistently been associated with the Glaswegian art scene. Band member McCarthy has been part of the lively scene centered around the Glasgow School of Art since 2001.  He has also stayed in touch with artists and former band-mates in Munich since calling it home for many years.  McCarthy continues to act as a thread between the music and art scenes in Munich and Glasgow.

    Legend has it that McCarthy first met fellow band-mate Alex Kapranos in a tussle over ill-gotten vodka at a party hosted by artists Jo Robertson and Celia Hempton, both of whom appear in the show.  Paintings by Lucy Stein, Celia Hempton and Jo Robertson are selected for the exhibition, as well as video installations from Anna Witt and Shana Moulton. A conceptual duo from Berlin, Niklas Schechinger and Hank Schmidt in der Beek will produce a site-specific installation in the gallery, and Manuela Gernedel, a recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art, will show a suite of drawings. The majority of the works, the installations and even some of the paintings have been created fresh in the gallery upon the artists’ arrival to Los Angeles. All artists will be in attendance and all will be performing on opening night.

    Music and art co-mingle in St. Mungo and Me. McCarthy has always included his colleagues from the art world in the visual presentation of Franz Ferdinand. LightBox is excited to announce a special performance by the God Bearing Sisters, an all art-star band led by Nick McCarthy, at 7pm on December 2.
    For images or additional information please contact Sharon or Kim.   Gallery hours are Tuesdays through Saturdays 11am -6pm.