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Studio 21
3026 Airport Ave.
Santa Monica , CA 90405
March 26th, 2009 - June 6th, 2009
Opening: March 26th, 2009 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

(310) 397-7493
Wed-Sat 11-6; by app't


Some may call it compulsive, but artist Doni Silver Simons is convinced we do it every day. It is the documentation of time, and Silver Simons has taken a unique approach to this ritual by using tiny marks to express the passage of her daily life. In her upcoming show, "...lines..." at Sherry Frumkin Gallery, Silver Simons presents her latest collection of intricate markings, ranging from large scale works on multiple canvases  to small, intimate works on paper. The exhibit runs March 26 - May 30, with an artist reception March 26 from 6-9 p.m.

Silver Simons has built a career on the meticulous recording of time in her painting. Simons refers to her work as "doing lines," and it is through these lines that she records the passage of moments, days, weeks and years through the act of marking.  Viewers often recognize a language in the work, with the marks taking on multiple meanings and interpretations. She has created an extensive "diary" of marks - a series of lines that, depending on their positioning and size, can represent a full range of emotions.

Writer Carmine Iannacconne says the following about Doni's work in her exhibition catalogue:

The ritualistic action in Simon's work is deceptively simple. She has established a marking regimen into which she immerses herself for various lengths of time: as a daily practice on sheet after sheet of her "Center Justified" journal, as a year-long calendar in "'08 - A Wall," as shorter durations on the smaller canvases. Her paintings may look minimal, but it is a layered, chromatic, textured minimalism, rich with the investments of symbolic action.

Silver Simons' paintings evoke the work of Polish artist Roman Opalka, whose voluminous reproduction of numbers has been the singular goal of his career. However, Silver Simons' marking of time delves further into the abstract, using only the simplest of strokes to evoke a world of experience. Silver Simons also employs techniques that are most closely associated with Rothko - using color and minimalism to create a specific mood or emotion.

Doni Silver Simons completed her MFA at Wayne State University and in rapid succession had 10 solo exhibitions and performances and participated in as many group exhibitions. In the years following that outburst of intense activity, her attention was devoted to teaching, lecturing and raising a family. She never stopped making work, but consciously withdrew from exhibiting until several years ago. Since resuming her promising career, Simons has had solo and group exhibitions in California and Illinois. She has been invited to participate in 2009 FRESH at MOCA. This is her 2nd solo exhibition with Sherry Frumkin Gallery.

Doni Silver Simons' work is in the public collections of Detroit Institute of Art, University of Michigan Art Museum, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, National Endowment of the Arts, Michigan Council of the Arts, Detroit, Grand Rapids Art Museum, Michigan, Flint Institute of Arts, Michigan, Allegheny County Community College, Pittsburgh.