Set in Motion

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Efren Luna Presents: "Set In Motion"
I am an artist also a curator. The last show I curated was a tremendous success. I curated a group show with over 40 artists. The show was titled "Set-In-Motion" December 6th & 7th, 2008. It took place at Basswerks Gallery in Los Angeles, USA. This was a 2-day show. I combined a variety of media like photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, installation, architecture, sculpture, and Music. (and many more) I had 3 bands (Random Ninjas, Night of broken Glass & Emberis Theory) play live and 1 hip-hop artist (Kid Casino-The Lyrical Apache) and 2 DJs (Zuko Kid & Chee-Bo). The theme or title "Set-in-Motion" was chosen to serve as a "fire-started" a "kick-start" a spark of enthusiasm and desire to get artists motivated in an art-world full of clutter and competition. I had both: established artist and new artists. My intention was to create an event/art-show that would serve the artists and expose new talent. The quality of the art we had was exceptional as I was told by many. A major piece of the art-show was a 30ft installation/sculpture that was at the center of the gallery that served and became a space enhancement. The title of this sculpture was "The Clouds" (By Jesus Eduardo and Paulina Boyer-Magana). The very thoughtful and elaborate installation was arched over the above space between the ceiling and the viewing audience. This sculpture/Installation, (that took over 4 moths to plan, design and execute to perfection), was removed and destroyed after the 2nd and last day of the show. You can see videos of the gallery in my myspace profile ). In one of the two videos you can hear live music by Random Ninjas
Comment by: EFREN LUNA on Thursday 05/21/09 at 9:25 PM