Enter the Popsicle

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New York, Ny © Courtesy of the artist
Mad Mad Mode, 2011 Silkscreen Collage With Vintage Comics 19" X 15" © Courtesy of the artist
Here's Love, 2011 Silkscreen Collage With Vintage Comics 15" X 11.5" © Courtesy of the artist
Outta Sight, 2011 Silkscreen Collage With Vintage Comics 19" X 15" © Courtesy of the artist
Nay! Yay!, 2011 Silkscreen Collage With Vintage Comics 19" X 15" © Courtesy of the artist
Julia Roberts, Romance Counselor, 2012 Silkscreen Collage With Vintage Comics 22.5" X 30" © Courtesy of the artist
Big Bubbles. No Troubles., 2012 Silkscreen Collage With Vintage Comics 19" X 15" © Courtesy of the artist
Enter the Popsicle

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online 24/7
New York, NY
March 1st, 2013 - March 31st, 2013

online 24/7
printmaking, collage, mixed-media, pop


Enter the Popsicle is an engaging exploration of Tamar Cohen's myriad of visual obsessions. She seamlessly combines her love of paper with her passion for silkscreening, creating a dynamic visual world of layered contrasts. The work in Enter the Popsicle is the result of a new partnership between Cohen's collection of vintage comic books and her traditional printed dots. She now dissects and reconnects the dots, transforming them into new and unexpected shapes. These shapes, when juxtaposed with the representational and textual content of the comic book page, create a striking dialogue between the found paper and the printed ink.

Cohen grew up reading Archie comic books and her collection sat in a closet in her childhood home until she decided to start using them in these collages. The exhibition title, Enter the Popsicle, as well as all of the titles of the works in the show, are derived from the text within the comics of each piece. Though her textual selections are determined by either their meaning or typographic characteristics, once combined, they reveal a lyrical exploration between past and present, childhood and adulthood and order and chaos.

In the collage, Mad Mad Mode, Cohen invites the viewer on a journey through a montage of visual memories. Advertisements, comic dialogue and cartoon characters are combined and reassembled with a bold reconfiguration of dots to form a whole that is as interesting as its parts. Her attention to detail, design, composition and color is both viscerally pleasing and thought provoking.

Tamar Cohen was born in New York City. She received her BA from Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH. She learned about art through osmosis from her artist mother and inherited the collecting gene from both of her parents who ran a bookstore which sold avant-garde art books.  This is Tamar Cohen's first exhibition with Greene Contemporary and it will serve as the inaugural exhibition for the relaunch of the gallery.