Sublime: Nature, Science and the Divine (Koplin's 30 Year Group Show)

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Trophy Stand(Faith), 2012 Mixed Media 41.5" X 25.5" X 25.5" © Courtesy of the Artist and Koplin Del Rio Gallery
Buddha Zodiac, 2012 Graphite On Bristol 29" X 23" © Courtesy of the Artist and Koplin Del Rio Gallery
© Courtesy of Koplin Del Rio Gallery
Sublime: Nature, Science and the Divine (Koplin's 30 Year Group Show)

6031 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
July 28th, 2012 - September 1st, 2012
Opening: July 28th, 2012 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

(310) 836-9055

Koplin Del Rio is pleased to announce the first of a series of three exhibitions in celebration of its 30th anniversary. This first exhibition titled "Sublime: Nature, Science and the Divine" includes 15 KDR artists, as well as, invited guest artists from the gallery's history in the past 30 years. Subsequent shows will include themes also reflective of the gallery's historic program.
It is a great pleasure for Koplin Del Rio Gallery to announce its 30th year in business.  Since Marti Koplin first opened Koplin Gallery in January of 1982, the gallery has continued to expand upon its original commitment of building and nurturing artists' careers. The gallery's foundation was built upon exhibiting influential artwork based on historical, social and globally relevant themes. 
The current KDR program includes established artists from its early history in the 80's, several mid-career artists, as well as a new generation of exciting, emerging artists. The gallery has weathered a variety of economic conditions since 1982, including four relocations in Los Angeles. The integrity of the program has held resolute throughout, due to the support of a loyal and enthusiastic patronage that continue to invigorate and inspire the exhibitions.

Koplin Del Rio opened 2012 with a comprehensive exhibition of paintings and drawings by mid-career artist Kenny Harris titled, China. The artist spent seven weeks exploring the vast reaches of the China documenting his experience through on-site drawings and watercolors of landscapes and interiors. The exhibition was a complete overview of the artistic process featuring a sampling of the sketches, oil studies and finished paintings. 

Long-time gallery artist Sandow Birk opened next with the second installment of his epic American Qur'an project. The nearly 100 completed Qur'an pages are currently part of an extensive touring exhibition that originated at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA; Grinnell College, IA and is continuing on to additional locations. 

Following Birk, the gallery calendar featured consecutive solo shows by emerging artists: Melissa Cooke's monumental self-portrait drawings; Michelle Muldrow's lush interiors of retail meccas and Shay Bredimus's expressive portraits in tattoo ink on drafting film. These exhibitions exemplify reoccurring themes in the program including ethnicity, identity, community, environment and history. In addition, to complement these viewpoints, KDR is pleased to also introduce new artists: Eric Beltz, Josh Dorman, Suné Woods, as well as, a re-connection with an earlier friend, sculptress Sarah Perry.

In its 30th year, KDR has also added a new and fitting component to the program, Life Drawing at KDR. Drawing has always been a focus and fundamental backbone in the history of the gallery with the annual group Drawings I - VIII exhibitions. This salon format will function as a quarterly installation in the back room drawing gallery. The informal shows will feature selections of life model drawings curated by Ron De Angelis, KDR's Gallery Manager of eight years. The drawing group meets every two weeks at the gallery after hours to draw from a live model. This on-going series of exhibitions will display drawings from the attendees of the uninstructed sessions, which include a range of established and unknown artists, as well as artists who are represented by the gallery. 

In addition to its exhibition program, KDR is also committed to providing a forum for dialogue, with its ongoing series of lectures and panel discussions by visiting artists, curators and critics that are open to the public. KDR recently hosted a riveting panel discussion moderated 
by Rabbi Sarah Bassin and featured panelists Will Deutsch; a Jewish Six Points Fellow, Ali Mir, Director of Muslim Student Life at USC, and artist, Sandow Birk. The panel discussed at length American Muslim and Jewish identity in art.

To conclude 2012 and celebrate KDR's 30th anniversary, the gallery has planned a series of three invitational group shows beginning this summer and continuing through the end of the year. The consecutive exhibitions are headlined with titles reflective of the gallery's strongest themes over the years. The titles provide an all-inclusive platform for creative expression in support of the gallery's diverse program.  In addition, as part of the gallery's history, KDR will also acknowledge the many artists it has had the privilege to exhibit over the years by extending invitations to a select group of artists outside of the gallery. Please join KDR in celebrating this milestone and pay homage to the artists, patrons and curators that have contributed to the vision and legacy of Koplin Del Rio Gallery.