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© Courtesy of the Artist and Queen's Nails Projects

3191 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
April 24th, 2012 - June 6th, 2012

photography, mixed-media, installation, video-art


“We learn to compensate, by adopting the vocabulary of contemporary experience. For many artists, video is the language of TV absorbed into the discourse of cultural critique. It is television turned against itself.”

Nigel Coates

Artists in Residence at Queens Nails Projects in San Francisco

First 15 episodes of E.S.P. TV on display in the screening room

June 8th, 8pm-12am:

Live Taping by E.S.P. TV at Queens Nails Projects

June 16th, 8pm-11pm:

Reception and screening of new video works at Queens Nails Projects

Aggregate Space

June 1st, 6pm-10pm:

Reception and Screening at Aggregate Space in Oakland

Featuring E.S.P. LAB (Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie), with performance-based, signal generated works on video

June 2nd, 8pm-10 pm:

E.S.P. LAB video works on display at Aggregate Space in Aggregate’s screening room


Is a unique project and collaboration between Queens Nails Projects (QNP) in San Francisco, E.S.P. TV/LAB from New York City and Aggregate Space in Oakland. For PLAYBACK>, the curators at QNP have invited 10 Bay Area visual artists to create new video works in the space, transforming the gallery into a mini video-residency program from April 24th to June 6th. Each of the 10 artists was asked to consider the television as an exhibition platform and produce new video work in the form of a television show.

While the residencies are under way, QNP will screen a compilation of videos produced by E.S.P. TV.  The videos were created for a program produced by the New York space Louis V E.S.P. and showcase primarily NYC-based experimental music, video art and performance. Tapings of these events occurred in front of an audience with live green-screening and analog video mixing. The events were recorded to VHS and edited into half-hour episodes for airing on Manhattan Neighborhood Network television. After airing, the episodes were posted online at and elsewhere online for later viewing.  The first 15 episodes of E.S.P. TV.  are on display in QNP’s screening room for the duration of the artist residencies. They can be viewed by appointment by contacting

On June 1st QNP is partnering with Aggregate Space to present a one-night exhibition featuring E.S.P. LAB (Scott Kiernan and Victoria Keddie), with performance-based, signal generated works on video. Those videos will be on display in Aggregate’s screening room on June 2nd.

On June 8th, E.S.P. TV will work on site at QNP to collaboratively program a live, one-night recording of performances by Bay Area artists for later broadcast on Public Access television in San Francisco, Oakland, New York and Portland.

From June 9th – 16th, the videos produced during the artist residencies at QNP will be showcased at various off-site locations (to be announced) and screened together at a closing reception at QNP on June 16th. Stay tuned for announcements.

Artists in Residence at QNP for PLAYBACK>

Pio Bujak/Miles Ake

April 24th – May 1st

Laura Kim/Spencer Rabin

May 3rd – May 10th

Lindsey White/Bessma Khalaf

May 12th – May 19th

Josh Pieper/ Chris Corrente and Tim Sullivan

May 21st – May 28th

Dan Olsen/Chris E. Vargas

May 30th – June 6th

E.S.P. TV Compilation 1-15

1: Kunsole, Brian Zegeer, Kate Gilmore, Sophia Peer, Derek Larson, Erica Magrey, Ganjatronics

2: Ganjatronics, Colby Bird, Derek Larsen, Erica Magrey, Sam Mickens w/ The Dust Up, Andre Pekowsi, Dana Bell, Rachel Mason

3: Mazing Vids, Jordan Levine, Meredith James and Rachel Mason, Aaron Nemec, Jason Underhill, Dana Bell’s “A Delicate Balance”

4: Innergaze, Karen Y. Chan, Shana Moulton, Jennifer Sulivan and Andrew Steinmetz, Aaron Nemec

5: Forma, Aaron Nemec, Derek Larson, Ana Lola Roman w. Mathew Caron, Scott Kiernan

6: (Mis)Adventures in Manipulation for INDEX Festival Pt. 1 of 2 (curated by Victoria Keddie) : Rowan, Twisycat, Future Archaeology

7: (Mis)Adventures in Manipulation for INDEX Festival Pt. 2 of 2 (curated by Victoria Keddie) : Maria Chavez, MV Carbon

8: Ami Dang, Regal Degal, Bruno Dicolla, Ryan Whittier Hale, Lauren Gregory (videos co-curated by Aboveground Animation)

9: Erica Magrey, YOU., Amy Lockhart, Ania Diakoff, Clara Kim (videos co-curated by Aboveground Animation)

10: Further Reductions, House Plants, Martha Colburn w/ Felix Kubin, Kenneth Curwood, Scott Kiernan

11: Mutual Dreaming’s New Dance City Special (Organized by Aurora Halal for Mutual Dreaming): Vidrio, Steve Summers, DJ sets by Meridian 7, Ron Morelli (L.I.E.S.), and Traxx

12: (episode omitted from this program due to technical difficulties)

13: MV Carbon and C Spencer Yeh

14: Xeno and Oaklander, Liz Wendelbo, Roberto Lange

15: EUC, Bradley Eros and Tim Geraghty, Roberto Lange

All episodes produced by E.S.P. TV for Manhattan Neighborhood Network. All programs organized by E.S.P. TV unless otherwise noted. Live video mixing and manipulation by Scott Kiernan, Ethan Miller and Victoria Keddie. Cameras by: Josh Steinbauer, Joe Griffin (Ep. 3-5), Kellie Morgan, Jorge Torrens, Matt Bonner (Ep 6-11), Kellie Morgan, Matt Bonner, Rachel Guma, Rhys Hecox, Tim Geraghty (Ep. 12-13), Matt Bonner, Josh Steinbauer (Ep 14-15). Lead Production Assistant: Lee Lichtsinn.

Broadcast edit and E.S.P. TV bumpers by Scott Kiernan.

Artists who have been on E.S.P. TV include: Xeno and Oaklander, Mazing Vids, Jandek, Innergaze, MV Carbon, C Spencer Yeh, Shana Moulton, Further Reductions, Regal Degal, Martha Colburn, Forma, Rachel Mason, Erica Magrey, Kate Gilmore, Bradley Eros, and many more. Shows have been taped in various locales including The Schoolhouse, 285 Kent and Roulette in Brooklyn, Millennium Film Workshop in NYC as a part of INDEX Festival and recently at General Public in Berlin.


E.S.P. LAB is the hallucinatory sibling brain to E.S.P. TV. Hell bent on breaking switches and mixers with the power of drive outputs, it purpose is to explore and curate sound and vision through analog methods: electronics, radio waves, signals, and magnets. E.S.P. LAB is Victoria Keddie and Scott Kiernan.

Scott Kiernan is an artist and curator who lives and works in New York City. Scott received his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2007.  He is a founder and director of Louis V E.S.P., a not-for-profit gallery and performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and co-founder/director of E.S.P. TV, a Manhattan cable access program and live taping event which showcases NYC based artists and performers.

Victoria Keddie is an artist, curator, and archivist based in New York City. She works in varying media involving film, video, sound, installation, and broadcast.  She has programmed events internationally, with a focus on film, video, sound, and hybrid media. As an archivist, she focuses on preserving analog experimental sound and radio collections. She is co-director of E.S.P. TV, and also part of the film based collective, Optipus. She is the organizer and co-founder of the INDEX Festival (2011), a month long international festival of media and technology.

Individually and collectively, their work has been exhibited or performed at: The Kitchen (NYC), Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn), CANADA Gallery (NYC), Sight School (Oakland), White Box (NYC), Judson Church (NYC), Participant (NYC), Millennium Film Workshop (NYC), General Public (Berlin), Southern Exposure (San Francisco), Nurture Art (Brooklyn), Dam Stuhltrager (Broooklyn/Berlin), PS122 (NYC), Jack the Pelican (Brooklyn), Mixed Greens (NYC), and 80EWS (NYC).

Queens Nails Projects Artists in Residence:

Miles Ake is an interdisciplinary artist who works with sound, performance, drawing and food-based projects. The form of his projects exists in the intervals between each medium.  Ake utilizes the ‘interval—margins, ends and beginnings and transient spaces between—as structural support and material. Selected projects include: University Art Gallery at UCI, Irvine, CA, [NTBA] Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Pauline Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, INMO Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, The Thing Quarterly, San Francisco, CA Portland State University, Portland, OR, Los Angeles Central Library, LA, CA, Pawnshop Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Luggage Store, SF, CA, and Porter Gallery, Long Beach, CA. He received his B.A. Fine Arts, UCLA in 2008 and is currently completing his M.F.A. in New Genres from San Francisco Art Institute (2012). Miles Ake currently lives and works in San Francisco.

Piotr Bujak is a mixed media artist and visual activist, born in Bedzin, Poland, currently residing in San Francisco within the Fulbright Fellowship. He works mainly with video and video installations investigating how moving image may contribute to understanding the origins of violence and identity and how visual culture reshapes the way abovementioned are being perceived in the era of mass media omnipresence. His art practice often refers to minimalism and could be framed as a very formal and abstract storytelling.

Chris Corrente is an interdisciplinary artist who works across (and hybridizes) the mediums of video, performance, staged photography, illustration and music.

A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute’s new genres program, his work runs the gamut of human emotions and experiences, ranging from aggressively dark and psychologically challenging to absurdist and piss-laugh funny. Corrente’s work draws equal influence from academia and pop culture – and treats each with equal irreverence.

Laura Hyunjhee Kim is an intermedia artist working with video and performance. Born and raised in the U.S., Kim moved to South Korea at the age of nine and later returned to the U.S. at the age of nineteen. Her initial interests in questioning her dual-identity as a Korean and American later developed into an interest in the fragmentation and mediation in language and non-linear actions. Quoting and re-contextualizing references ranging from autobiographical anecdotes, art history, and mass media that inundate her everyday life, Kim explores physical and psychological dislocations and contradictions that surface through the disjuncture of language and gesture.

Bessma Khalaf was Born in Iraq and immigrated to San Diego, California in 1990 just before the first Gulf War. She earned her Bachelor degree from San Diego State University in 2002 and a Masters of Fine Arts in photography from the California College of Art in 2007. She recently won a Visions from the New California Award, and currently maintains a studio in Oakland, California.

Daniel Wayne Olsen (artist)

1981 – Toledo, OH, currently living in SF CA

“Dan Olsen makes art like a second grader”

“resonant, gestural, anti-narrative psychedelia.”

“I can stare at his humorous and surreal drawings for days thinking that if I just squint my eyes a bit more I’ll unlock their epic psychedelic meaning and change my life forever”

“I was out of place at this show, a lot of the images were like an inside joke. It is the visual equivalent of a coin operated prize vendor. There are some interesting thoughts from Dan Olsen present, I would love to spend time on them, but the sense of carelessness present almost totally discourages me.”

Olsen has exhibited and performed nationwide.

He was also co-founder and co-curator of the presently defunct FullForceShowcaseGallery.

Joshua Pieper is a San Francisco based artist that makes direct and often humorous statements through his multi-media works. Born in St. Paul, MN, Pieper received his BFA from the University of Wisconsin, and his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2005. His work has been exhibited at Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Santa Monica, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, New Langton, the San Francisco Arts Commission and Romer Young Gallery in San Francisco.

Spencer Rabin graduated with a BA in philosophy from UC Santa Barbara, and is currently completing his MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. He also writes music and plays in a band called Little Deadman. He lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

Tim Sullivan is a multimedia artist working in video, photography, performance and installation.  Sullivan has spent the last five years completing a series of works exploring the myths and stereotypes of California as informed by television, film, music and literature.  He has had solo exhibitions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore, Ireland and Poland as well as being featured in numerous group exhibitions including the 2006 California Biennial.

Chris E. Vargas is a film and video maker based in Oakland, CA, whose thematic interests include queer radicalism, transgender hirstory, and imperfect role models. He earned his MFA in Art Practice from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2011. Since 2008, he has been making, in collaboration with Greg Youmans, the web-based trans/cisgender sitcom Falling In Love…with Chris and Greg. Episodes of the series have screened at numerous film festivals and art venues, including MIX NYC, SF Camerawork, and the Tate Modern. With Eric Stanley, Vargas co-directed the movie Homotopia (2006) and its feature-length sequel Criminal Queers (2012).

Lindsey White is working in still photography, video, and installation. White offers subtle and often humorous insights into questions of truth vs illusion, found vs fabricated and synchronicity vs chaos. Her manipulations of materials and settings, by both analog and digital means, mixed with a keen eye for coincidence make for playful yet haunting images of the not so mundane everyday. Her recent project, “In Search of the Miraculous,” took her on a 3 and half month road trip with her dog, Lolly, to find videos and photographs and to meet people along her travels. White has been an artist in residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin, CA, and was a 2010 finalist for the SFMOMA SECA Award.