Campo 4012 N

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Campo 4012 N © Courtesy of the artist & Haunch of Venison (New York)
Campo 4012 N

550 West 21St Street
New York, NY 10020
January 19th, 2012 - March 3rd, 2012

+1 212 259 0000
10.00-18.00 Tue - Sat Or by appointment


Haunch of Venison is pleased to present the first U.S. exhibition of artist and industrial designer Shay Frisch Peri. The exhibition Campo 4012 N will be open from January 19th through March 3rd 2012. The artist, known for his electrical and dramatic installations, will exhibit recent works, Campo 1 N and Campo 4011 N. The works will illuminate the space using modules with a measured light source that create energy fields to infuse an ever-moving shape.

Campo 1 N is a conceptual work illustrating the "germ," or the origin of all works, using only a single piece. The second highlight of the exhibition, Campo 4011 N, is the module's multiple expression, comprised of 4011 units into a circular ring. Each piece will be positioned on the wall and transform the space.

Shay Frisch Peri constructs "energy fields" out of the repetition of electrical adaptors and light indicators. Peri's works are location sensitive, and require an understanding of each individual space to express the appropriate proportion of light required. Campo, meaning "field" in Italian, is the title of all of the artist's work and refers to electrical fields. Each module is then classified with its identification mark, drawn from the sum of components to produce the work. Lastly, the title is followed by a letter indicating its color, N for black and B for white.

Shay Frisch Peri was born in Israel and currently lives and works in Rome. Peri has participated in exhibitions at renowned Italian museums including MACRO Museum, Rome; MADRE Museum, Naples; Palazzo Ducale, Genoa; Complesso del Vittoriano Museum, Rome; Marino Marini Museum, Florence; among others, and recently had a solo exhibition at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in Israel. Peri's work is included in the permanent collection of the Certosa di S. Lorenzo in Padula Museum. In addition, a large group of Peri's work has recently been purchased by The Italian Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, and will be a permanent installation at the museum.