Still Lifes, Portraits & Parts

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Installation View © Courtesy of the artist & Wallspace Gallery
Still Lifes, Portraits & Parts

619 W. 27th St.
New York, NY 10001
October 28th, 2011 - December 17th, 2011

(212) 594-9478
Closed as of August 2015


Wallspace is pleased to announce Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts, Daniel
Gordon’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, and his first one-person show
in New York since 2007.
The exhibition includes photographs made over the last two years that fall
into three categories: still lifes, portraits, and “parts,” the latter
referring to photographs that exist between landscape and abstraction, made
using the constituent parts of other photographs. This mode of re-use is key
to understanding Gordon’s process, wherein he culls photographic images from
the internet and uses them to build three-dimensional tableaus which he then
photographs with an 8 x 10 view camera. After the photograph is taken, the
sculptures are dismantled and the body parts and background patterns are
reused to make new works. Using a manual cut-and-paste technique, Gordon
builds forms which expand upon the rich history of collage and appropriation,
while also nodding to the long lineage of the painted portrait and still-life
(Arcimboldo's heads and Matisse's still life arrangements come to mind).
Gordon's melding together of fragmented parts and diverse histories form a
dislocated reality, a contemporary portrait, where different perspectives,
profiles, and people merge into one, incongruous whole.
Gordon’s interest in terms of subject matter lies in a series of binaries that
frequently coexist in his photographs: fecundity and decay, masculine and
feminine, wholeness and fracture, artist and muse. These dualities are
underscored through the process itself: gobs of glue are left visible, torn
edges are left raw, forms fuse and separate before our eyes, teetering between
completion and dissolution. Gordon's process of deconstruction and
reassemblage challenges the stability of the fixed image, opening up the
possibility for new characters, relationships and meanings to emerge. His
constructions, then, become grounds for subconscious projections and surreal
fascinations, where the body and the still life evoke (and betray) deep-seated
psychological experiences.
Daniel Gordon (b. 1980) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. Selected exhibitions
Include Greater New York, MoMA PS1 (2010); Callicoon Fine Arts, Callicoon, NY
(2010); New Photography, Museum of Modern Art (2009); Groeflin Maag Galerie,
Zurich and Basel, Switzerland (2009, 2006, 2004); Zach Feuer Gallery, NY
(2007); CCS Bard Hessel Museum, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY (2004). Gordon’s work
is currently on view at Onestar Press in Paris, in conjunction with release of
his latest publication, Flowers & Shadows (Onestar Press, 2011).