The Counterfeit Lecture Series

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Bubble Wrap Cast Glass © Courtesy of the Artist and Queen's Nails Projects
The Counterfeit Lecture Series

3191 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
October 14th, 2011 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Artist talk


In conjunction with the exhibition Cheap Trick, The Counterfeit Lecture Series explores the acts of piracy, forgery, false identity and image manipulation. The artists Luca Antonucci,Juan Luna-AvinGuy Overfelt, and Jonah Susskind will speak on these subjects.

Luca Antonucci will present his investigation of "false-color." His work involves decoding the traditional process of printmaking by developing a parallel printing practice with a visual vocabulary for new imaging techniques. Antonucci will review the publication First Light concerning the Hubble Ultra Deep Field Image, and introduce a new project regarding the imaging of Dark Energy.

Juan Luna-Avin will discuss the influence of piracy and counterfeiting in his practice as and artist and a bootlegger through the historical context of El Chopo Market and the Tepito neighborhood, both in Mexico City.

Guy Overfelt will talk about his experience being charged by the San Francisco Police with a criminal misdemeanor for "spinning his wheels" (burnout performance) with a 1977 black Trans Am in front of a SF gallery. Overfelt was represented by liberal attorney-cum-publicity hound, brother of Richard Serra, Tony Serra and the legal proceedings were recorded by celebrated courtroom sketch artists Walter Stewart who immortalized the O.J. and Unabomber trials, and Vicky Behringer (Enron, Michael Jackson, and the Unabomber.)

Jonah Susskind will speak about the counterfeit, trickery, masquerade and the constant illusion of the real in his work as a practicing studio and performance artist. He will talk about the pervasive cultural desire to make and have accessible alternatives to authenticity i.e. Louis Vuitton knock-offs, fake i.d.s, art forgeries, virtual reality, etc. and highlight some of the rifts between the authentic and the man-made that underline/undermine much of today's critical visual discourse.


Queen's Nails Projects is a curatorial collective platform that is dedicated to presenting audio, video, and performance-based projects. QNP aims to challenge both emerging and established cultural producers to work outside their 'normal' practice in order to produce new and unique projects. Located in the Mission district of San Francisco, QNP is co-directed and curated by, Julio Cesar Morales, Pablo Guardiola, Zoë Taleporos and Kim Silva.