Cheap Trick Part 1: Claim to Fame

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© Courtesy of the Artist and Queen's Nails Projects
Cheap Trick Part 1: Claim to Fame

3191 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
October 1st, 2011 - October 15th, 2011
Opening: October 1st, 2011 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM




Queen's Nails Projects is pleased to present Cheap Trick, an exhibition in two parts of artists that employ methods of illusion, social intervention and the practical joke as subversive art strategies. Often executed using humor, the works in Cheap Trick provoke the viewer to examine hierarchies in contemporary visual culture, examining the associations that come with various mediums as well as art world personas. There are many dichotomies that exist within the exhibition: the art is both ironic and literal, real and fake, deceptive and truthful. The work ushers us into a realm where nothing should be taken at face value and we embrace that the joke is on us.

Cheap Trick Part 1(October 1st - October 15th) presents the United States debut of the Lisbon based art collective Claim to Fame (Sara & André).

The first time that Sara & André presented themselves as an artistic duo to a Portuguese audience, they pretended to be celebrities followed by paparazzi everywhere they went. This happened in 2005 in the context of a young artist award. Since then, they have been questioning the position of the artist, the processes of legitimacy and achievement of fame in the contemporary art world, as well as the concepts of authorship and collaboration.

For their debut in the United States they decided to take another risky short cut and become acquainted with important local curators by pranking them. Usually there exists a certain degree of intimacy between the pranksters and those who get pranked (for instance, coworkers, friends or family). Sara & André forged that intimacy, therefore adding a subversive subtext to their already insolent acts. A prank is not necessarily meant to be an act of revenge or gratuitous vandalism. It can also be an expression of recognition or even a call for attention. Although not regarded as poetic or artistic acts, pranks constitute an art form and genre in itself.


Sara & André were born in 1980 and 1979, in Lisbon, where they live and work. They studied, respectively, Scene Design at the School of Theatre and Cinema in Lisbon, and Visual Arts at the School of Art and Design, Caldas da Rainha. They have exhibited regularly since the mid-2000s. The following solo shows are of special note: "Sara & André" (PÊSSEGOpráSEMANA, Porto, 2007), "Sara & André Foundation" (Rosalux, Berlin, Germany, 2007), "Sara & André" (3+1 Contemporary Art, Lisbon, 2008), "Claim to Fame" (PLMJ Foundation, Lisbon, 2010), "Delicious" (3+1 Contemporary Art, Lisbon, 2010) and "Sara & André" (Inflight, Hobart, Australia, 2010). They have also created projects for the Project Room of Lisbon's fair "Arte Lisboa" (2008) and for Madrid's art fair "Just Mad", Madrid, Spain, (2010), as well as for alternative exhibition spaces such as SmallBox28 and Espaço3 in Lisbon. They participated in the third edition of the event "Anteciparte" (Páteo da Galé, Lisbon, 2006) and in several group shows, of which the following stand out: "Trabalhar Cansa" (Arte Contempo, Lisbon, 2007), "The Critic's Choice" (Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon, 2009), "The Beauty of the Mistake" (Lx Factory, Lisbon, 2009), "Cinematic" (Threshold Art Space, Perth, Scotland, 2009), "A Museum is to Art, what a great Translator is to a Writer" (Baginski Gallery, Lisbon, 2010), "The Philosophy of Money "(Museu da Cidade, Lisbon, 2010) and "Not Yet" (Barber Shop, Lisbon, 2011).