VII "Humankind"

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Modest, Women in the Middle East , 2001 Digital C Print © Courtesy the Estate of Alexandra Boulat/ VII/ HASTED HUNT NYC
5,400,000, DR Congo (Hope) , 2006 Silver Gelatin Print © Courtesy Marcus Bleasdale/ VII/ HASTED HUNT, NYC
Congo, Aids Clinic, 2005 Gelatin Silver Print © Courtesy Antonin Kratochvil/ VII/ HASTED HUNT NYC
"Darfur" (Boys and Tree) , 2005 Digital C Print © Courtesy Ron Haviv/ VII/ HASTED HUNT
Afghanistan , 2001-2002 Digital C Print © Courtesy John Stanmeyer/ VII/ HASTED HUNT NYC
The Albanians, Not Dated Gelatin Sivler Print © Courtesy Joachim Ladefoged/ VII/ HASTED HUNT NYC
Hurricane Katrina , 2005 Digital C Print © Courtesy Christopher Morris/ VII/ HASTED HUNT NYC
Highland Maya, 1991 Digital C Print © Courtesy Lauren Greenfield/ VII/ HASTED HUNT NYC
Nicaragua , 1984 Digital C Print © Courtesy James Nachtwey/ VII/ HASTED HUNT NYC
VII "Humankind"

537 West 24th Street

New York, NY 10011
April 17th, 2008 - June 7th, 2008

Closed as of 2015
VII Photo Agency
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HASTED HUNT is pleased to announce HUMANKIND, featuring photographs by members of the photo agency VII. The exhibition will run from Thursday, April 17th through Saturday, June 7th. There will be a reception with the photographers in attendance on Thursday, May 15th from 6 to 8 PM.

HUMANKIND is a contemporary response to the classic exhibition, "The Family of Man", curated by Edward Steichen at the Museum of Modern Art in 1955. The show was seen internationally by tens of thousands of people, and the catalogue sold millions of copies and is still in print.

VII consists of award winning photographers Marcus Bleasdale, the late Alexandra Boulat, Lauren Greenfield, Ron Haviv, Gary Knight, Antonin Kratochvil, Joachim Ladefoged, Christopher Morris, James Nachtwey, Franco Pagetti, and John Stanmeyer. VII was the centerpiece of HASTED HUNT’s debut exhibition in October 2005. This will be their second show with the gallery.

"The Family Of Man" looked at Man’s indomitable nature, especially in the face of adversity. In his introduction, Steichen wrote “It was conceived as a mirror of the universal elements and emotions in the everydayness of life – as a mirror of the essential oneness of mankind throughout the world.”

The project was acclaimed for its affirmative point of view, countering the legacy of despair from World War II and the Korean conflict. The exhibition toured around the world for many years; the book was arguably the most successful photography book ever printed and circulated. The “humanistic” point of view has been simultaneously celebrated and ridiculed. Its collective upbeat illustration of a world with happy children and industrious, uncomplaining workers displayed in a labyrinthine, “modern” installation was criticized for being superficial, even bathetic.

To most contemporary eyes, however, "The Family of Man" is an astonishing record of classic photographs.

Reportage itself seems to have changed very little. Most work is now color and digital. In HUMANKIND the photographers of VII see a world that is different from 50 years ago, with ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, AIDS, and a compromised environment; yet it seems the same. Exceptional with HUMANKIND is the unique combination of talent, experience, persistence, imagination, compassion and vision the photographers of VII bring to it.

An expanded version of this exhibit is being planned as a part of the Summer Olympics in Beijing.

HASTED HUNT is also pleased to announce VII @ DUMBO, the debut of a photo-based multi-media installation devised especially for the inaugural New York Photo Festival (NYPH 08) from May 14 – 18, 2008 in Brooklyn. VII @ DUMBO curated by HASTED HUNT will include over a thousand of their most recent images.

The photo agency VII was founded on Sept 10, 2001. This international group includes Marcus Bleasdale (Ireland), (the estate of) Alexandra Boulat (France), Lauren Greenfield (US), Ron Haviv (US), Gary Knight (UK, lives in France), Antonin Kratochvil (Czechoslovakia, lives in New York), Joachim Ladefoged (Denmark), Christopher Morris (US), James Nachtwey (US), Franco Pagetti (Italy) and John Stanmeyer (US, lives in Bali). They have received literally every award in their field. "American Photo" named them at the very top of their list of the 100 most important people in photography.

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