Main Gallery: Panopti(con)

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Najaf Wasteland (detail), 2006 Pencil, Paper, Pins, Tape 8 X 10 Ft. © Courtesy of Bank, Los Angeles
Main Gallery: Panopti(con)

125 West 4th St., #103
Los Angeles, CA 90013
March 22nd, 2008 - April 26th, 2008
Opening: March 22nd, 2008 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tue-Sat 11-5
photography, drawings, Art, conceptual, contemporary, sculpture, video



Lorraine Molina, Director

Main Gallery: Panopti(con), Curator: Martin Durazo
Project Room: Enrique Castrejon

March 22 – April 26, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 22, 7 – 9 PM

125 W. 4th St. Los Angeles, CA 90013
Gallery Hours: TUES. – SAT. 11am-5pm

Main Gallery: Panopti(con)

Bank is pleased to announce Panopti(con), a group exhibition curated by Los Angeles based artist Martin Durazo. This exhibition presents the work of 17 artists working in painting, photography, drawing, sculpture and video that engage in theories centered around power structures. Panoticon, from the Greek words for “all” and “sight,” refers to the ingenious late 18th and early 19th century architectural construction British philosopher Jeremy Bentham devised that became the ultimate surveillance machine (and ideal prison). Designed as a large circular building with a watch tower in the center, the Panopticon allowed the observer to observe at all times without being seen, creating the most invisible omniscient authority.

The artists in this exhibition; Kiki Seror, Kottie Paloma, Ichiro Irie, Chris Tallon, Christopher Pate, Chris Solars, Osvaldo Trujillo, Rafael Gallardo, Michael Dee, Anders Lansing, Jonathan Furmanski, Sherin Guirguis, Christopher Haun, Tim Nolan, Martin Durazo, Skip Arnold and Gordon Dalton, all take literal and metaphorical cues from the interpretation of Bentham’s panoptic theory and imagery. The work debates systems of power and control, security and surveillance.

LA based Martin Durazo is a multi-media artist who received his BFA from Pitzer College and MFA from UCLA. From 1995 – 2003 he co-owned and directed Miller-Durazo Contemporary Artists Projects and in the 2007 created Empathy Design Company as a temporary curatorial/artists project. Durazo is regularly featured on KPFK discussing art and social issues and has recently exhibited with Mark Moore Gallery, Suzanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Galeria MDF in Mexico City, and the Harris Art Gallery at the University of La Verne.

Project Room: Enrique Castrejon

In response to the torrent of visual information fed by the news media, emerging artist Enrique Castrejon creates order and solace. Using mathematics as a basis for drawing, Castrejon deconstructs found newspaper imagery of political strife, chaos and ruin and rebuilds them into geometry calculations. A 5 x 7 photograph can scale into an 8 x 10 ft. drawing, reformulating imagery into equations on small fragments of paper, pined and taped together often leaving out color, specific texture, and perspective. The physical presence of the drawing hangs as an elaborate monochromatic collage or wall relief breaking down meaning of specific cultural symbols and events, creating other possible narratives. Castrejon will exhibit a pair of large-scale wall drawings reconstructing the recent assassination of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and a drawing of a 2004 US bombing in Najaf, Iraq.

LA based Enrique Castrejon received his BFA from Art Center College of Design and MFA from California Institute of the Arts. Recent exhibitions include ‘System Theory’ at Torrance Art Museum, ‘Latitude’ at LA Art Core and Pulse London and Preview Berlin Art Fairs. Castrejon will be exhibiting in “Good Doll Bad Doll” curated by Michael Duncan at the Armory Center for the Arts, and will also exhibit in a summer group show at Regen Projects. This is Enrique Castrejon’s debut at BANK.