Grand Opening - 1st Show

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Collage, 2010 Mixed Media © mirrror-space
Grand Opening - 1st Show
Curated by: Stéphen Ribbon

8 Dudley Ave.
Venice, CA 90291
December 10th, 2010 - February 6th, 2011
Opening: December 10th, 2010 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

photography, mixed-media, video-art, surrealism, figurative


CADILLAC GALLERY is located in the historic art-deco Cadillac Hotel, a former residence of Charlie Chaplin. The legendary SPONTO GALLERY once stood across the street and the energy is still present. This is a continuation of the legacy. It will feature locally-based artists, meaning VENICE ARTISTS in an unpretentious, accessible, and affordable contemporary art space.

Major artists wi...ll be exhibiting at the CADILLAC, such as ARTURO MALLMANN, who moved his studio from Buenos Aires to VENICE in the 1970’s. He pioneered the epoxy process, utilizing a process consisting of alternating layers of varnish and sanding, Mallmann is able to create the illusion of depth from which his figures emerge. This primary imagery found in Mallmann’s work evokes the ultimate existential expression of the human condition.

IVO VERGARA originally from Santiago, Chile, has had his studio at the Distillery in Venice for 10 years. He produced a site-specific installation piece for MIAMI ART BASEL 2006- “Cerebral Architecture 1” (4.500 square ft) combining mural painting, sculptures, light and sound sculpture with a poem recited in 11 languages. He has many public works projects and shows under his belt and is one of the most active artists in the VENICE community.

ART VENTI just won the 1st place prize last month in the Colors of Life Art Competition. He has lived in Venice for 20 years although a New York City native. His work has spanned many different mediums but this exhibition will feature for the first time his “Hair Sapien” series. The hair sculptures are created, photographed, and opened as a digital file in Photoshop to be doubled like a Rorschach ink blot test, enhancing the viewer’s ability to see objective meaning.

DEREK FRANZ is an anomaly. He has high creative and mechanical instincts which have given him the ability to create in every medium imaginable. He has produced interactive sound & light sculptures which communicate with each other by complex algorithms he programmed. He has made elegant and powerful Japanese Raku style ceramics. He welds, he knits, he does everything. For this exhibition he is showing a series of radiant, complex 3-D collages.

BRETT MAZUREK will be exhibiting his sexy & empowering photo series, "Girls with Guns."

BILL DAMBROVA presents us with his google eye (mixed-media) triptych with a brilliant metallic surface and funky flair.

CRAIG CARTWRIGHT paints post-apocalyptic surrealist worlds where the boundaries amongst creatures has dissolved.

SAM-E RAZAR paints also in a surrealist style and works in mixed- media.