7 foreslag til et rum i LA / 7 proposals for a room in LA

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7 foreslag til et rum i LA / 7 proposals for a room in LA, students of KRABBESHOLM HØJSKOLE © Courtesy of G727
Group Show
7 foreslag til et rum i LA / 7 proposals for a room in LA

727 Spring St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014
January 10th, 2008 - February 10th, 2008


An exhibition featuring the students of KRABBESHOLM HØJSKOLE
in collaboration with Hugo Hopping

With the beginning of January 2008 upon us, g727 (formerly Gallery 727) announces the first phase of its programming dedicated to encounters of urbanism and contemporary art disciplines. 7 foreslag til et rum i LA / 7 proposals for a room in LA is the result of an invitation to Los Angeles and Copenhagen-based artist Hugo Hopping to provide designs and concepts for g727’s planned community space located in its upstairs loft. In the recent past, Hopping has conceptually contributed to defining the character of g727, specifically assisting with projects which address issues of urbanism that have implications to the policy-making arena.

In this exhibition, Hopping presents a book project that serves as a site for the ideas generated through dialog, instruction, and collaboration with a group of 30 architecture students from the KRABBESHOLM HØJSKOLE in Skive, Denmark. The students were asked to consider the nature of g727’s position as an intermediary between Los Angeles’ artistic and urban landscapes, and to address its specific plans to launch a public space within its facility that will promote an interface between artists, urban planners, architects and city officials. As a primary effort to develop cross-national contributions to this program, g727 sent critical physical information about the site solely via the Internet to Denmark. Through various workshops, exercises and lectures, Hopping contextualized this information for the students and developed models for the multi-disciplinary approach of g727’s planned community space. 7 foreslag til et rum i LA / 7 proposals for a room in LA is part of Hugo Hopping’s ongoing exploration of pedagogical and collaborative strategies and his attempt to generate an aesthetic through them. To celebrate this initiative, g727 has produced a limited edition photograph from the book project and the proposals generated by the architecture students to accompany this exhibition.

A primary component of g727’s planned community space is a resource library where materials spanning concerns relative to contemporary art, urban space, and civic engagement are assembled. As a reflection of the public nature of the space, g727 launches a book donor program, effective immediately, where individuals are encouraged to contribute materials relative to these topics. For More Info on Book Donor Program Click Here

g727 seeks to generate dialogues on artistic representations and interpretations of the urban landscape. The building blocks of a city comprise more than simply buildings, streets, and sidewalks. They equally encompass personal experience, collective memory and narratives. These are the less tangible, but no less integral elements that transform mere infrastructure into place. Through photography, painting, writing and video installations, artists open our eyes to these elements and heighten our awareness of what makes a place a place. g727 welcomes these artists to its space to help us all better understand the complex nature of cities and the urban condition.