Branches Gallery Opening Sunday August 15: Drawings That's Gots Soul

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installation shot
How to Draw a Flower Pt. 1: Mandala, 2010 Graphite, Ink, Oil, Resin, Burn On Birch 25.5 X 19.5 Inches © Jordan Quintero
Subject Object Pt. 5: Youth and Beauty Pt. 2, 2010 Graphite, Gesso, Spraypaint, Acrylic On Maple 24 X 11.5 Inches © Jordan Quintero
Branches Gallery Opening Sunday August 15: Drawings That's Gots Soul

2900 Glascock St.
Oakland, CA 94601
August 15th, 2010 - August 15th, 2010
Opening: August 15th, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

7-10 pm
mixed-media, installation, conceptual, surrealism, figurative, modern


Jordan Quintero Fine Art presents: 

What: Branches Gallery Opening and Barbecue
When: 7-10 pm, Sunday August 15th, 2010.
Where: Branches Gallery, 2900 Glascock C, Oakland CA.

Contact: (805) 455-5476 or


Opening reception. New mixed media artwork on re-claimed hardwood panels by Jordan Quintero. BBQ, beverages, strolling troubadourettes. 

Recent body of work is comprised of surrealistic drawings executed on re-claimed hardwood panels using a wide variety of techniques and media. The subjects are a variety of organic forms and motifs both representational and abstract. The implications of the current conceptual nexus surrounding the word “organic” are explored. Coding, memory, development, origination and variance, and the process of drawing itself becomes metaphoric characters in the tableaux dramas unfolding on the gorgeous support matrixes of birch and maple.


The work is hanging in the gallery I built with my own hands in my apartment with my roommates and friends in order to increase the net beauty of the world by maybe just a little bit. Really, that is what it is all about.


The first artwork I ever exhibited was a charcoal figure drawing I made in a life drawing class when I was 19. It was selected to be included in the annual Student Show at the community college I was attending. An older woman bought the drawing. She said one of the nicest things about my art. She said—

“See, there are drawings, and then there are good drawings, and then there are drawings that’s got soul. This drawing has got soul.”

Thank you, lady. I’ll keep trying my best to live up to that.


Jordan Quintero was born in San Jose, CA. The eldest child of three marriages and four children, he has traveled all over the world absorbing and creating and documenting and exploring. He dedicated himself to visual art after seeing Picasso’s Guernica in Madrid in 2003. Quintero graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz in 2005 with a BA. He now lives and works in Oakland, where he runs Branches Home Gallery in addition maintaining his studio. His favorite things are soup, olive oil, and the ocean. And love. And music. Etc.