Don’t Fence Me In

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Don’t Fence Me In

2635 S. Fairfax Ave.
Culver City, CA 90232
December 15th, 2007 - January 26th, 2008
Opening: December 15th, 2007 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tue-Sat 11-5

Opening December 15, Don’t Fence Me In presents work by the twelve female artists who have shown at Bandini Art during its first year. Artists Sharon Ben-Tal, Castillo, Jennifer Celio, Jessica Curtaz, Ashley McLean Emenegger, Mitra Fabian, Susan Holcomb, Robin McCauley, Laura Ricci, Lana Shuttleworth, Jennifer Vanderpool and Leslie Yagar each approached the group show differently, some taking the opportunity to push the boundaries with one-off experiments, others working through their signature styles to make pieces that define their individual oeuvre. A spirit of expansiveness and empowerment informs all the works.\True to the adventurousness of Bandini’s distaff side, works are on the walls, the floor and hung from the ceiling in materials as diverse as felt and plastic, paper and breath, acrylic, ink, graphite, hair, PVC, and dryer lint. Laura Ricci contributes a live pine tree in all its beauty and power, bringing into focus the underlying mythology of the midwinter season.
The exhibition is a celebration of the extraordinary talent of these women and thrilling glimpse of things to come in 2008.
Sharon Ben-Tal: Painting
A new painting built up from layer after layer of saturated color washes, using graphic elements to refer to contemporary life.

Castillo: Sculpture
Literally breath-taking, new hanging sculpture made from paper lunch bags filled with the artist’s breath, combines the formal and the profound.

Jennifer Celio: 3D Drawing
Taking the freedom implied in the show’s title, Celio makes her graphite drawings on gesso on a 3D wooden sculpture, unfolding urban environments in a spiral journey.

Jessica Curtaz: Drawing
Curtaz sets herself a new set of parameters to be met in this 48” x 48” work exploring expansion and containment.

Ashley McLean Emenegger: Assemblage
The felt figures of two women occupy the wall, while before them lies a box of snakes and flowers. Emenegger probes misconceptions of femininity in her work I ¤ My Fine China.

Mitra Fabian: Sculpture
Fabian shows a wall-mounted relief built up in layers of glue that refers to landscape and topography.

Susan Holcomb: Painting
Nine small paintings of astronomical entities, when taken together make an entire night sky.

Robin McCauley: Mixed Media
Formally austere, McCauley’s new work is given movement and sensuality by her use of hair.

Laura Ricci: Sculpture
Known for her paintings that privilege nature’s agenda, Ricci contributes the luminous presence of a tree.

Lana Shuttleworth: Sculpture
Shuttleworth's Ivory Alligator is a full-sized 'trophy' alligator skin made from the flesh-toned interior of traffic safety cones and hung to display its fierce teeth and glittering eyes.

Jennifer Vanderpool: Sculpture
A world of cones stretches from the ceiling, down the wall and onto the floor, where a miniature landscape unfolds. Wild textures, colors and audio-visual elements add to the surreal mix.

Leslie Yagar: Mixed Media
The subject is ostensibly a bird on a branch but Yagar’s use of rice paper, ink, thread and dryer lint come together to make Nestled a seductive tactile experience.