The Haggus Society in collaboration with Julie Montenegro St ate Farm present Kate Carvellas' Uniting Dissipations

"My work comes from deep within my heart and mind\, from my su bconscious. It’s very intuitive and I usually don’t know what a piece is ab out until I am well into it\, but most often\, not until I have finished wi th it. My artwork is an essential and intensely personal part of my life. I t explores and expresses the inner workings of my heart\, mind and spirit i n a way that words cannot express. I hope that when people see it\, it will resonate with them on some level\, be it intellectual\, emotional or spiri tual."

Kate Carvellas is a self-taught collage and mixed media artist living in Pasadena\, California. Born in Baton Rouge\, Louisia na\, in 1963\, she spent her childhood in Mountainside\, New Jersey and her teen and college years in Northern Virginia. She moved to Pasadena in 1992 . Art has always been an interest of hers for as long as she can remember…< br />
… Kate’s pieces also reflect repeated juxtapositions and contr adictions. Either way\, there is a coming together of these seemingly unrel ated parts\, and they create a whole\, and in it somewhere\, a story is tol d\, and a truth is discovered…

...Kate’s work also has many e lements of Surrealism\, in that she often puts together objects that result in unexpected juxtapositions that create tension an element of surprise be cause they initially just don’t seem to make sense. Whether it suggests a n ightmare or just reveals a vivid imagination\, Kate admits that her subcons cious mind is busy trying to express buried truths…

…expressin g herself artistically is both a deep need as well as an experimental outle t that allows her to go beyond “the real” and explore “the unseen” to bette r understand those things that defy common sense. In this way\, one could s ay the Hegelian dialectic comes into play\, as she makes a discovery\, reac ts to it and seeks to resolve the tension by overcoming the negatives and g oing beyond her normal limits\, and preserving the useful portions of the d iscovery. It is in the contradictions that arise within each progressive st age of discovery that alienation arises and must be worked out so unity and integration\, and therefore a balance can be found. ---Bernice Mascher

Exhibition runs Feb. 1 through Feb. 28\, 2013

Openin g reception Feb. 9\, 2013
6 until 10 pm

5683 York Blvd Los Angeles\, CA 90042


This exhibit is sponsored in part by the following:
Julie Montenegro State Farm
Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council
Tarnish ed Scorpio
Fractured Atlas

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