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Come s traight after work for some drinks! Order up some delicious food here as we ll. Basically we have it all that night from 5pm to 11. You don't want to m iss any of the fun! 

After a successful show at Yoshi's SF I dec ided to bring this concept to South Beach. The Idea behind Mix Masterpiece is to curate a vast and wide community of art and music in the Bay Area. I curate this show to highlight the Bay Areas' gems that people should know a bout. This showcase has over 20 artists\, Djs\, and musicians that highligh t the reason why we live in San Francisco. "The Fresh Makers" and the "Move Shakers" will be here on the 3rd of August. We are also celebrating the ne w art space "144 King Art Cafe". It is located across the street from ATT p ark. It is a beautiful space that is out of norm of the Sports bars and tec h companies this area is known for. This show is not to be missed. Dance pe rformances\, Djs\, painters\, photographers\, video arts\, local small busi ness\, Non profits\, the works. All this for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! There will be a lot of art\, libations\, tasty 144 King food\, local quality merchandi se to be bought and sold. The friday fun and the good vibes are free. Come and celebrate your city and the art\, music\, and magic it has to offer.
- curator Jeff Bostic

The Art:

Jeff Bostic - Artis t\, Event Coordinator\, DJ\, and Youth Worker. I will also have my art book and Tees on hand as well.
www.bosticartsandmusic.tumblr. com

Leo Docuyanan- Photographer that has done Portrait s of Bay Area Legends like Del the Funky Homosapien and Aesop Rock.

Tim Cohen- Figure head of San Francisco's inde pendent garage and psychedelic rock music scene will be will be showing his psychedelic art at the show! im_Cohen

June Eng- Likes to draw and paint people\, wi th a focus on female portraiture. As the subject matter and quality of her work evolves\, so does her own personal search for identity.

Gabriel Wheeler- What does this guy doesn't do. Film maker\, ph otographer\, All purpose fresh maker for you to know about!

Katy Vawter- Photographer and child educator is working on a photo book based on notes passed and found in class.

John Coyne- Who makes everyone look good... This guy. Feature in the first Moholy Ground Magazine. Check out his 

Jake Frye- Amoeba music's pride joy\, film and taste maker! He will have his video art on two big screens\ , and projected on top of 144 King! .50/info

Ben Needham- You can see Ben's beautiful pain tings and drawings at San Francisco City Hall\, Supervisor Jane Kim's offic e

Markus Lin- Fine artist printmaker who ru ns his own Fine art printing

Michael Valenti- Moholy Ground's smooth art director. Artist of many trad es.www.m

Berlin Tomas- Catch this man behind the scenes and in the spotlight of life. Photographer with a touch of A1 sauce.
< a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">http://

and Much More to come
< br />The Music:

6-7 pm Dj Teddy Rux aka Boom Bostic- Bay Area DJ for the last 12 years Giving out his new mix CD for the show!

7-8pm We are v ery blessed to have The Selecter Dj Kirk (The Revival/Sweater Funk)- come t hru this evening! He is apart of one of my favorite SF DJs crews. Sweater F unk always drop the heaviest\, funkiest\, groovies west of the Mississippi! Catch them poolside at The phonix Hotel on the 16th of July 1pm-7! Don't m iss it! Check out the link- s/442126452477943/
Also check them out on sound cloud too.

8-9pm Doug Pagan- Dj/Producer Performing live in support o f his new EP on Voltage Music. Six future funk tracks. I highly suggest pic king this up! Dub For The Dancefloor!

9- 10pm Dj Chan Chan representing Radio Valencia! Superstar DJ on the ones and twos reppin' for her fun radio show "Play For Today" tune in every Friday at 6-8pm on 87.9 

10-11pm Then finish out the night with a real treat with Psychic Sidekicks!  
Psychic Sidekicks "A journey into music..." project with DJ and Musi c Producer Nate Walsh aka Neurotic Nate from (Apollo Records)

Th e Band's interests are Psychic mind control\, electronic impulses\, speed o f light\, Helio Pause\, Bow Shock\, M-Theory\, Super Gravity\, Quantum Tunn eling &\; the Double-Slit Experiment.
The Bass will rattle!

Non P rofit and small business:

Moholy Ground- Non Profit Bay Area Pho tography Journal will have Have their new issue 4 on the table as well as f reshly designed Tees by Michael Valenti!

Modify Watches- Flexible\, Affordable\, Fashionable\, watches will be sold at the show. 
Check out their dope designs 
www.modifywatches .com

Alphyn Industries- Fashion for your Technology 
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