Fisher Girl

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Fisher Girl

cast bronze
40 x 15 x 10 centimeters
© Red Hill Capital Corp.

Price: $86250.00

 The original marble Fisher Girl, made in 1979, can be seen on a rock,
just off the coast in the north of Zhuhai, China, the sister city of
Macau, and is the iconic symbol of that southern coastal Chinese city. 
She has 4 bracelets on one wrist and three on the other because she gave
one to her lover.  Her father noticed, became angered and forbid
her to see him.  Thereafter, legends have grown up around her.  One has her lover sneaking
over the border from Macau, each night, and walking up the long, seaside
Lover's Walk, in Zhuhai, to see her.  Another has him coming down
from the mountain top to the sea to meet her. 
Pan likes to make sculpture that will eventually draw people to areas
that have few visitors before.  He also makes his tributes, not to
the government, but to the people.  The fisher girl holds a pearl
above her head.  The true meaning of the sculpture is that the
Chinese people work hard and gather many of the natural resources that
China has, while Beijing gets all of the credit and the benefit.
A smaller version artist's proof was made around the same time as the
original marble version.  This small version was not signed by Pan,
as he tells us he did not sign the small one.  However, it has his
stamp on it, which, he explains, his son must have put on it before
taking it to the foundry, as it is a seal that only the family has
access to.  We also offer a much larger version (3 meters high) which is the second
casting of one made as a gift to Sichuan after the earthquake in 2008.

A recent marble version, made by an assistant at Pan's direction, for a
Zhuhai official to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Fisher Girl,
recently sold at auction for a retail equivalent price of around

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Fisher Girl
cast bronze
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Original Dimensions:
40 x 15 x 10 centimeters
Red Hill Capital Corp.
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