The Helper

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The Helper

Mixed medium
4 x 8 x .37 feet
© Philippe Sauvie

Price: $8750.00

This next media artwork is one of the many different types of work that I do. In some ways believe it or not this image is a kind of graffiti yet I see it as a kind of dialogue or conversation I have with other paintings. If I'm not mistaken Jasper Johns did a series of works in the 80s that he said were derived from the work of Munch. He said and I quote "Painting can be a conversation with oneself and, at the same time, it can be a conversation with other paintings." For many years my work has been a conversation with other paintings and graphic works. This painting, "The Helper" is an image that is the dialogue with many artworks by other artists including: Cezanne; the Bathers, Matisse; cut-outs, Henry Moore; two sculptures and a Julian Schnabel; plate panting inspired the border. Why would I do this? Simply because the more I look at the history of art and architecture I realized that there is no such thing as a completely original work of art, every thing is derivative. For this painting, I am present in the organization and arrangement of imagery within this format, the choice of colors and color harmonies, and of course my touch is everywhere.

The scene depicts the creation of Eve from Adam's rib from the account in Genesis and shows Adam waking up from his sleep and the wound, he bore in his side when he came forth into the garden into his presence. There certainly a sexual element to this, a procreative element to this picture and the kind of irony as well. I chose a version of Matisse' La Serpentine, somehow fitting, for the depiction of Eve.

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The Helper
Mixed medium
Medium Category:
Mixed Media
Original Dimensions:
4 x 8 x .37 feet
Philippe Sauvie
color, garden, river, bible, Matisse, Calder, Cezanne, narative, picasso, sculpture, Warm, expressionism, fresco, Creation, Eve. Adam