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A tender ode to tenuous states

by Rob Goyanes
Franky Cruz’s solo exhibition, , is a tender ode to tenuous states: he explores the fragility of material, the heights and depths of the ego, and the reality of a doomed, sinking Florida. Using that famously uttered trope by Scarface’s Tony Montana as a point of departure, Cruz employs video and found objects to create a sparse yet absorbing juxtaposition of abundance and decay, highlighting the humble persistence of nature in the face of humanity’s struggle for control. Cruz is a young... [more]
Posted by Rob Goyanes on 7/30/13

Miami Mason

by Elizabeth Tracy
          In What We Do Is Secret, Manny Prieres investigates the hidden nature of group and cultural membership. The artist is both Cuban and a one-time follower of the straight edge hardcore music scene, which developed as a sort of “counter-reformation.” Prieres’ skillful drawings and sculpture highlight the cryptic nature where these two restricted culture and subculture intersect. Mother depicts a young woman who resembles Caridad del Cobre, from Cuban Catholic and Santeria worship.... [more]
Posted by Elizabeth Tracy on 9/14/09