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Watchlist Artist: Sam Winston

For his first Solo Exhibition at the gallery, Sam Winston will present two projects (Drawing on Memory and Modern Gods) based on memory and the passage of time – both using language as their departure point but in distinctly different ways. Drawing on Memory is based on a series of real world conversations between the artist and four subjects who have had a unique experience of time. Using only first names, each interview candidly reveals their relationship to the past. Tam’s is a dialogue that focuses on his 15 years spent inside various maximum-security prisons in the Unite... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 3/10/14

Structural Analysis

by Trong Gia Nguyen
In this show curated by Eva Grinstein, formalism and structure are emphasized above all else, continuing the strong tradition of geometric abstraction in Latin America.  One enters Beloved Structure: Argentine Legacy and eyes the survey with economic downturn in mind, as if somehow their inspiration and references to a proven tradition were intended to withstand the present upheaval that has reached global shores.  Despite the historical mooring, most of the work in Beloved Structure is indicative of current Western art trends. You have your Anslem Reyle in the vertical-striped paintings of A... [more]
Posted by Trong Gia Nguyen on 12/27/09