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Edra Soto: Selling a Fantasy

by Stephanie Cristello
Luxury is so often determined by a price tag. But commerce is rarely how we interact with the phenomena of high-end merchandise—its excessiveness, its indulgence; its extravagance is almost always (and exclusively) experienced visually. We feel the texture of opulent velvets and silks first with our eyes, the metallic gleam of a smooth reflection through its cool touch on our sight, in jewels that refract their prismatic color back onto our gaze. There is something intensely tactile in the... [more]
Posted by Stephanie Cristello on 12/4/14

ArtSlant Prize 2012 - Fringe Frontier

by ArtSlant Team
  Veronica Bruce - 1st Place, ArtSlant Prize 2012 I met Ms. Bruce in a studio that looks more like a construction site than an artist’s studio, in one of Chicago’s many industrial lofts. Her sculptures rose vertically from the wooden floor, dotting the space as piles of material rounded the interior. Bruce’s process is founded in her training as a painter but has since expanded off the wall and into the exhibition space. She retains an acute understanding of composition and color while... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 12/9/12

Hi Tide at Aqua Art

by Trong Gia Nguyen
Aqua Mami Fair1530 Collins AvenueMiami Beach, FL   It's been a great week in Miami working with the Showcase artists.  Chantel Foretich, Hannes Bend, Robert Minervini, Susan Meyer, and Ursula Sokolowska all made it down to the beautiful south - and we do mean BEAUTIFUL with the 80 degree weather and sunny skies, all a block from the beach. The people at Aqua have also been amazing to work with, and we can't thank them enough for making this a great experience. The rest was left up to the... [more]
Posted by Trong Gia Nguyen on 12/7/10

ArtSlant Bash at Aqua Art

            ArtSlant is Excited to Announce our Hi Tide Vernissage Aqua Art Room 219, December 1, 8-11pm featuring our Golden Frame Winners Chantel Foretich (1st place)Hannes Bend (2nd place)Robert Minervini (3rd place) In addition to our top 3 winners, ArtSlant has selected a number of winning artists from the 2010 Showcase competitions to also exhibit at Aqua Art. These wonderful artists include Kirk Crippens, Susan Meyer, Vincent Romaniello, and Ursula Sokolowska. HI TIDE @... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 11/30/10

Aqua Art Miami

by E-Slant Team
ASU Art Museum's John Spiak curates the Video Project Space at Aqua Art Miami, Wynwood, during the international art fair weekend gathering in Miami, December 3-7, 2008.   Through personal, established relationships, casual encounters, forced institutional interactions, or contact from a safe distance, we often overstep our boundaries. Whether we are conscious or not of our boundary breaking, we are all guilty at one time or another of intruding into other people's lives and space.... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 12/1/08