Datran Center

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Tipping Point, 2009 Composite Gold, Polymer,Encaustic And Oil On Linen 68" X 52" © All content is copyrighten to Jose Luis Cabrera 2012
Datran Center
9130 S Dadeland Blvd # 100,
Miami, Fl 33156
Venue Type: Alternative Space
Representing Artists
Jose Luis Cabrera
Veronica Arellano
Open hours
8am -10pm Mon-Sat
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Apex Angels & Co and The Datran Center in Miami is proud to present The Cabrera Collection, This is the 6th solo exhibition of paintings by Miami based artist Jose Luis Cabrera. While much of Cabrera’s works have been influenced by memories based in photographs and other memorabilia combined with the gestures of 20th century painting, this latest exhibition highlights the artist's unique process as a form of narrative. Not only does Cabrera work from his own memory, his unique artistic process and use of materials reflects the building up and slow scraping away of the memories themselves. Cabrera uses a variety of materials to alter the physical structure of the picture plane. He mixes sand, glass, aluminum powder, polymer, dried oil paint skins and even sugar into the paint to enhance texture, create relief, and thicken the impasto. This technique is what allows him to build the surface of the canvas up, as well as augment the luminosity of his vibrant color palette. Cabrera's painting style oscillates between abstraction and representation with in work and reinvents conventional composition a new across large canvasses, is representative of how the artist perceives the process of reconfiguring both personal and historical narratives. While one might identify nods to historical painters like Velázquez or El Greco , one just as easily can recognize in Cabrera's work the urgency found in Anselm Kiefer, Albert Oehlen,Peter Doig, Gerhard Richter, Francis Bacon, Baselitz, Mark Bradford - artists whose use of personal subject matter was an initial means to creating a dialogue about painting as a process. Cabrera's work is always oscillating between the individual and art history.